Author: Chuck Freadhoff

ASIN: B00848Z0PA

Presented in the noir-detective style, this thriller is a father’s relentless journey in finding answers about his son’s murder in a foreign land, and the search for his young grandson.

Wade Mauer is a Vietnam veteran who is deeply in love with motorcycle engines and makes his living building them in Los Angeles, where he lives with his girlfriend Maggie. One evening his 28-year-old, estranged, surfer son Scott comes for a surprise visit, looking happy and mentioning that his life is going to get better. When Scott is immediately called away before they have a chance to talk, a horrible premonition swamps Wade. We soon learn about Wade’s deep guilt over their poor father-and-son relationship—and, before Wade gets the chance to rectify this, Scot is dead, mysteriously shot in Tijuana.

Wade becomes frustrated when the authorities of both countries fail to uncover the responsible party or the circumstances that led to the murder. Wade owes Scott justice. He decides to search for the truth himself, especially when he can’t tell the authority of his findings that Scott had sought LA biker outlaws to help produce fake IDs, and was in over his head in helping a dangerous Russian gang with gun smuggling.

In his quest for justice, Wade gets help from his best friend Horn and from Maggie, who are deeply concerned for Wade’s safety but nevertheless, give him their full support.

The twist and turn of the intricate investigation reveals intriguing details of Wade’s personality and shortcomings, his relationship with Maggie, the science of motorcycle engines, the rarely mentioned dark worlds of LA biker and Russian outlaws, surfing culture, the business of gun smuggling, drug cartels and Mexican drug wars, the local knowledge on the double settings California and south of the border—with enough hook and suspense to keep readers interested as we feel for Wade and his frustration of the difficult and slow progress.Wade faces endless unknowns. Every lead he follows seems to turn into a dead end. Many times people advise him that it is too dangerous to proceed, but Wade can’t stop, especially when he learns about the existence of Scott’s girlfriend and young son. Would you give up if this happened to you—could you live with yourself when your loved ones were in danger.

In A Plaque of Iron Chuck Freadhoff has developed very human characters, believable thriller and storyline, and delivered them in a well written narration of family’s love, suspense, action, and redemption.

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