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By Carolyn Warren
Published on November 16, 2012

Author: Matthew MacDonald

ISBN: 978-1-449-30984-8

Author: Matthew MacDonald

ISBN: 978-1-449-30984-8


Setting up a WordPress website without Matthew MacDonald’s WordPress: the missing manual is like trying to learn to cook without a cookbook. Sure, you can flounder around the kitchen for hours on end and maybe come up with a flat cookie, but if you want to create a full gourmet meal, you’re going to need some clear, written instructions.

Recently, I paid $175 to attend a one-day workshop on how to set up my WordPress website. It was a good class, and it helped me a lot. But the next day while working on my site, I discovered there was still a lot I didn’t know how to do. Then I discovered Matthew MacDonald’s manual, and thank God I did! This reference is essential.

MacDonald is a science and technology expert who has written extensively on website development. In addition, he had a six-person creative team help put together this resource. Consequently, it’s written in a manner that even a novice can understand.

 With this guide, you learn how to:

       Set up and choose a theme for your WordPress site.

·      Produce a professional-looking business site or an interesting personal site.

·      Add features, such as widgets and plug-ins to bump up the quality.

·      Include video clips, webcasts, podcasts, and music players.

·      Let viewers comment, contribute to your site, and carry on a dialog.

·      Get SEO, build an audience, and publicize your site.

·      Create community using social media tools.

There is a wealth of information at your fingertips, such as dashboard tricks to save time and effort, and how to stamp out those maddening spammers.

The book includes plenty of photographs of actual web pages to go along with the text. Then even more, there is website address where you can get every web address, practice file, and piece of downloadable software mentioned in the book. Personally, I wish the text was in a larger font, even if it pushed it into two volumes.

For an entrepreneur who wants to go into the business of building websites for businesses, this provides directions on how to do customization and add all the bells and whistles a client could want.

Bottom line: you get valuable information that would cost hundreds of dollars in a class or workshop for less than $30. I don’t see how anyone who wants to learn to build a better WordPress blog or business website could possibly go wrong.

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