Author:  Keith Rommel

ISBN:  978-1-62006-089-6


From the first chapter of The Lurking Man it grabs your attention.  It’s the story of a woman who is forced to look back at her life to see the damage she did in the lives of those she loves.  It is a contemporary horror and the two main characters are Cailean, an irresponsible woman who wasted her life as a drunk, and Sariel, a powerful, dark entity who tries to bring her sins to light.

Cailean suffers a lot of internal conflict.  Looking back at her life, she couldn't believe all the wrongs she committed and didn't realize what kind of impact she had on her family.  Even after Sariel proves to her that she had the chance to change things, he makes her relive her mistakes and the suffering she caused. 

The main plot is clear and believable.  Who wouldn’t want an opportunity to be able to look back on your life to see where you went wrong?  She lives in denial and Sariel makes the attempt to get her to understand the turmoil she causes at every turn, but he uses sinister methods to justify his means.

I like how the story starts right into the conflict and the reader is taken to a dark place where Cailean’s worst fears present itself.  You’re taken off guard and eager to know who is the cause of her distress.  The author whisks you away to the place where the character is forced to face her demons.  The conflict continues throughout the story and in the end, the resolution will surprise you.

There is lots of dialogue, which is used as a means of describing the characters, propelling the story forward and informing the reader with Cailean’s past and present fate.  There is emotion and genuine care in the words chosen to create the conversations among the characters.  The reader is given a good idea of the type of conflicting personalities between the two main characters. 

The other existing characters of Emerson, Wilson and Beau make the story seem real.  The Lurking Man depicts the life of a family fraught with suffering from a parent who falls apart due to an addiction.  This type of situation is not far from us to understand as it frequently happens in our society.  The author shows you how Cailean grows and develops as a character by the end of the story.  She wallows in self-pity, as the dark guardian forces her to understand her circumstances.  In the end, she performs the only sacrifice that will change her outcome.

It is a good book, easy to read and well worth the wait, if you read his first book The Cursed Man.  Keith Rommel has the talent to bring your fears of death to the surface.  Adding this novel to your collection of books is a good choice.  Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy what awaits you within the pages of The Lurking Man.

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