Author: Megan Rothrock
Publisher: No Starch Press
ISBN: 978-1-59327-442-9

Megan Rothrock, author of The LEGO Adventure Book, states at the beginning of her book, “For years, I’ve wanted to learn to be a better builder, to do more with the LEGO bricks I have been creating with my entire life. So today, I decided to do it. I packed up my stuff and headed into the unknown. What will I build? What other LEGO builds might I encounter?”

 With two hundred pages, this over-sized hardbound book has a colorful LEGO dump truck on the front cover with four smaller creations along with five more designs on the back cover with a paragraph about the book. The book is targeted toward both children and adults who are fascinated and fixated with making, remaking and altering designed objects out of LEGO blocks. Most of the designs are photographed not drawn so one can easily see the certain blocks used, how they are assembled and the final outcome.

American author and toy designer Rothrock, code name Megs, is depicted as a cute brown haired LEGO type cartoon character that meets fourteen separate designers with their own code names. These designers come from varied backgrounds from an aircraft parts manager, graphic designers and stay-at-home dad to music and elementary school teachers. With only one of them being female, they are British, Norwegian, German, American, Australian or Swiss and have a love and imagination of turning simple blocks into fanciful constructions.

As Megs visits with each designer who has their own individually color-coded pages, there are numbered or visual instructions explaining how to build a specific model made by that designer. The code name artist gives tips and suggestions as they discuss their project with Megs. From labs, towns, parks and villages to planes, trains, planes, and automobiles along with robots and dinosaurs, Megs learns, comments and asks questions to each designer.

The reader may find a favorite design among the over two hundred models with twenty-five brick breakdowns. Will it be the red Scarlet Fury airplane, the Counterblast robot, Katie’s grandfather clock or the complicated Jinty tank engine? Check out American/Danish LEGO legend Daniel August Krentz’s constructions that are also included at the end of the book.

With little wording or writing and glossy, large color photographs that are almost comic-book in explaining, this is a fun hands-on pictorial that not only the novice but also the advanced LEGO builder can learn, create and enjoy time and time again.

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