Author: Stephanie McAfee
Publisher: NAL Publishing
ISBN: 0451238052

Stephanie McAfee's, Happily Ever Madder: Misadventures of a Mad Fat Girl is one of the funniest stories that I can remember reading.  At one point my three year old daughter asked me what was so funny and all I could do was smile because I wasn't about to explain it to her.  I recommend McAfee's book to the women out there who like to read about realistic ladies, true friendships, and the crazy dating scene.  Happily Ever Madder is an awesome chick lit novel that has it all:  laughter (TON's of it), romance, flings, true love, friendship, crazy women, and a witty storyline that will stay with you long after you put the book up on your shelf.  

Happily Ever Madder is the sequel to McAfee's equally hilarious first book, Diary of a Mad Fat Girl.  I do recommend reading Diary of a Mad Fat Girl before reading Happily Ever Madder.  This is not because you would be lost if you didn't read the first book, because you wouldn't be.  It is for the mere fact that you won't want to miss the shenanigans in Diary of a Mad Fat Girl.  I just can't sing the praises of McAfee's books enough!  Stephanie McAfee has a writing style that I adore.  In fact, her style reminds me a bit of Jennifer Weiner's.  I read both books in 2 days.  TWO DAYS!  While I am sad that I am done with McAfee's novels, I believe my husband is happy to have me back!

Graciela 'Ace' Jones, the main character in Stephanie McAfee's two HILARIOUS books, Diary of a Mad Fat Girl and the sequel Happily Ever Madder, is my current favorite literary character.  Have you ever 'met' a character that you wished were real?  Ace is this character for me!  She is funny, sarcastic, witty, wonderfully Southern, and an awesome and extremely loyal friend.  Need someone to lay out your abusive husband flat on his back?  Ace can do that!  Need a friend to help you stake out and spy on your boyfriend?  Call Ace!  Ace is the kind of woman that I would love to have as my best friend.  As I found myself reading about Ace and her 'Girls Nights In' I wished that I was there participating!  

Ace is a high school Art Teacher from Mississippi that left her home, friends, and job to move to Florida with her fiancé, Mason (for a second time.)  After her tumultuous relationship with Mason seems to be improving, Ace sees her dream of opening up an Art Studio become a reality when Mason purchases a building for her.  However, nothing involving Ace can ever be easy, and soon her perfect life starts unraveling.  Will Ace be able to keep her short fuse under check and ride out the storm, or will her true nature win out and destroy everything in her path

Stephanie McAfee struck gold when writing about Ace and her friends in Diary of a Mad Fat Girl and Happily Ever Madder.  If you are looking for a laugh out loud funny read, PLEASE do yourself a favor and read these two books!  I am crossing my eyes, fingers, and toes that there will be a third book in this fantastic chick lit series.  I am not done reading about Ace just yet! 

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