Authors: Professor Brian Kirby and Tim Kirby, PhD
Publisher: John Blake Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 978-1-843583004

By and large, it is not old age itself that makes people ill – and almost no one dies of old age,” British father and son writers Brian and Tim Kirby state in their book, How to Live to 110 – Your Comprehensive Guide to a Healthy Life.

With three hundred and seventy-six pages, this paperback book is written by a professor who has promoted healthy living for over forty years and his son who has a PhD in physiology. The book is targeted to those who are concerned and interested in increasing their chances to age gracefully and healthy past one hundred years of age. Written in the United Kingdom, the book uses the metric system and English wording, making it a little different to some Americans or other nationalities.

After almost forty pages introducing living longer, why we do or do not, its benefits and the chemistry behind it, the comprehensive guide is divided into two sections: almost one hundred and fifty pages dedicated to ways we cut short our lives and harm ourselves and over one hundred and sixty-five pages on how to get back our healthy years. The book concludes with an eleven page summary of what each age group needs to do to attain the longevity goal. There is no reference or index to look up a topic. There are heart and magnifying glass icons to note along with bold comments for emphasis, shaded gray boxes with tips, simple, sometimes sophomoric but applicable drawings and interesting facts that end each chapter.

The first section is more of a biology lesson, explaining parts of our bodies and how they are affected by our actions – whether how we choke our blood vessels, increase our blood pressure, damage our lungs, handle infections, lose our minds, poison ourselves or let our sight, hearing, bones or joints degenerate. The second section concentrates heavily on diet by encouraging us to exercise, eat proper foods that will keep us fuller longer, and maintain our correct body fat, all giving us good reasons to keep living healthily.

If half the people in England do not take their blood pressure medicines, if dementia happens to ten percent of men over eighty years of age (one third for women), and if men should only consume twenty-six hundred calories per day (twenty-one hundred for women), the time is now to reconsider the obesity, diabetes, cancer and memory problems that could be avoided as we age.

Although most of the book catering to eating healthily, one can learn having two servings of whole grain daily lowers the risk of diabetes by twenty percent, there are six ways of contacting an infectious diseases, how to wash your hands properly, falling down is the commonest cause of death in the home and one cannot target fat loss from a specific part of the body.

This book is a helpful tool to learn the why behind our bodies, how we abuse them without considering the ramifications and how we can improve our health at any age to live a better, more active life, hopefully to reach one hundred and ten years of age.

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