Author: Cindy Eksuzian
Publisher: Cindy Eksuzian
ISBN: 978-0-9858138-0-2

Has one ever pondered the creation of unity, where matter and spirit hold hands in connectivity?” are the first few lines in one of Cindy Eksuzian’s simple but powerful poems in her book, Beyond Our Exodus.

With thirty-four pages, this small paperback book has a photograph of clouds in the shape of a supposed eagle in Missoula, Montana on the front cover and her poem, “Rest,” the author’s biography with her photograph and a paragraph about her writings on the back cover. Inside there are fourteen poems on the left side of page and one of the author’s fourteen artworks on the corresponding right side. All pictures were taken in Missoula, Montana except one from Hadley, Massachusetts. The book is targeted to those who want to discover and appreciate God’s creativity and peace in nature, both in written words and visual works.

With each short poem relating to God in some manner, Eksuzian discusses in effortless, flowing manner to look and observe nature from the vast unpopulated plains, cloud-filled skies or massive rock formations to a tiny flower, bluebird or meadowlark. Each expressive, beautiful photograph correlates to its page poem and is more of a postcard to relax, refresh and calm as we consider our Creator. Several are taken of the Blue Mountain in the Lolo National Forest, Waterworks Hill and Rattlesnake Reserve in Montana.

The author’s odes dwell on spiritual applications such as weather patterns being gifts from God, grassy fields with evergreens that are like people hoping to know God better or watching a simple bird stop nearby for a moment in time. Too often we humans take for granted all the wonders that encompass us as we walk through the scenic book.

Of special note is the calming, serene brook image that mirrors the foliage and trees that surround it. With the matching poem, “Eternity on Earth,” the author writes, “If we can conceive this sense that living on Earth, we’ve allowed God then, to help us prepare our way, as we lift up in faith and meet Him in rebirth.”

The creator of this book did a good job not only capturing the splendor of the natural world that encircles her, but expresses tenderly how to discover God right now. The book easily brings to mind the Bible verse in Psalms 19:1: “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth His handywork.”

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