Author: Cindy Eksuzian   
Publisher: Cindy Eksuzian
ISBN: 978-0-9858138-0-2

Whispers in Nature

This book is a clarion call to remind us of the beauty that exists in Mother Nature. Brilliantly photographed by the author, Cindy Eksuzian, in the wilds of Montana, USA, each picture is associated with an appropriate poem, expressing the insights received by the author as a result of communion with God.

The title of this book is appropriate. This book takes you “far from the madding crowd” to the lush, green, rolling landscape of Missouli, Montana. There are fourteen pictures in the book.

The first picture (which is also the cover picture) shows a panoramic view of the Blue Mountains and the Lolo National Forest in the distance under a huge sky covered with billowing, wispy clouds in an eagle shaped formation. The author echoes her insight while taking the picture; her thoughts were of “igniting a vision”, of being willing to open her heart and her wings, to fly with the eagle cloud.

The next picture worth noting, shows the brilliant colours of an evening sunset on Waterworks Hill, the bright yellow of the sun, being sandwiched between dense grey clouds above and the mountainous terrain below. In the accompanying poem, the author acknowledges the weather pattern causing this interplay of colours, a “gift from Heaven to Earth.”

There are two additional pictures with panoramic views of the sky over the Blue Mountain Range with well suited texts.

Another picture worth mention is that of sunlight coming through the trees beside a pool, inside a wood. The green and yellow of the leaves on the trees is reflected in the clear waters of the pool. The accompanying poem talks of light as a key that fuses matter and spirit and thus, instrumental in bringing Heaven closer to Earth. Two other photographs/verses deal with the play of sunlight through the trees in a wood.

Some of the other pictures are of flowers in the wild, and the emotions they invoke. There is also a picture of a bluebird and a meadowlark, each combined with a message in vers libre, depicting her communion with God.

Returning to our oneness with Nature and being sensitive to her whispers is what this beautiful presentation is all about. It is a cogent reminder of the monumental disconnect from Mother Nature that many of us are experiencing today. This is a book to be read slowly and savoured bit by bit, to imbibe its essence.

I recommend it warmly.

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