Author: Kenneth K. Guilmartin 
Illustrator: Bruno Merz
Publisher: Music Together LLC
ISBN-10: 0985571926
ISBN-13: 978-0985571924

She Sells Sea Shells is a sing-along storybook. The book includes the words of the beloved tongue-twister about Mary Anning, the nineteenth-century paleontologist who collected fossils in Dorset.

The classic lyrics have been adapted by Kenneth K. Guilmartin for Music Together, an international early childhood music program that has been in existence for nearly twenty-five years. Music Together was founded on the belief that every child has the inherent ability to be musical, providing he or she is introduced to music at an early age.

This book is therefore designed for young children, particularly children one to six years of age; however, people of all ages will love it.

Kenneth K. Guilmartin’s modern adaptation of the classic lyrics about the woman who collected sea shells, reveals, instead, a free-spirited barefoot young girl as our heroine. We see her on every page—three sea birds hover close to her
as she travels in a row boat with her dog; together, they come across all kinds of shells, sea creatures, animals, people, and beach scenes.

All of these scenes are brought to life by the subtle and potent watercolours by illustrator Bruno Merz. He uses an array of colours that creates a soothing effect akin to the book’s rhythmic lyrics which, in turn, almost mimic or conjure up the peaceful sound of ocean waves.
Sheet music and activities are included at the back of this beautiful book, inspiring children and adults to make it a sing-along songbook indeed.

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