Author: Carla Wills-Brandon
Publisher: The Career Press
ISBN-13:  978-1-60163-230-2

                                          Death as a transition

The finality of death is what makes us fear it so much. Most of us do not see it as being something less impermanent. The scientific community cannot provide answers in this regard, because of an institutional adherence to the doctrine of there being a dichotomy of body and mind/spirit and that is what monopolizes public opinion. It is this popular mindset that Carla Wills-Brandon seeks to address in this book.

Carla Wills-Brandon prefers to see “death” as a transition from a dense aspect of consciousness to one that is much lighter and permits more freedom. This is an idea that is summarily rejected by modern science. In this book, the author collects data from a plethora of sources, e.g. individual case histories, journal articles, hospice studies and other documented experiences where the dying process was carefully observed. After this, she presents her own conclusions.

Carla approaches this study from a very personal/emotional point of view. She presents testimony from various sources, (including her own experiences) where individuals about to cross over, are met by their dear ones who have gone before. In many cases, the departing would know they were dying and would convey this message to their loved ones, on the way out of their bodies. Most of those left behind would get to know the exact moment of the death through dreams, premonitions or visitations, before they were physically informed.

also shows that the physical passing of the soul can be seen in a number of cases, as a cloudy mist. She also mentions that departed souls do not lose contact with their loved ones and are often more than willing to help and comfort when needed to do so. The picture of death that she presents is well compatible with that of a transition. No bonds are broken between loved ones, there is only a shift in consciousness levels for one of them, and in effect, nothing has changed.

Carla’s findings are compatible with a world-view of the Universe as a continuum where everything is interconnected and bonds with family and coworkers are never broken. In this picture, it is easy to see why love is such a powerful force, it is a force that transcends time.

This book mentions the 9/11 and other disasters, but only in the context of the death experience. No karmic or other form of esoteric meaning is extrapolated.

The underlying philosophy behind this book is best expressed by the following quote by Paramahamsa Yogananda:“Death is an experience through which you are meant to learn a great lesson. You cannot die”. (This quote has been taken from the book itself).

This is a book that must be savoured and read over time to imbibe its subtle truths. It will touch you to the core and you might very well change your own perspective on death and dying.

I recommend this book warmly to all readers of

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