Author:  Connor Wilson

Publisher: Magic Dreams Publishing

ISBN: 978-1937148126

There is no true joy, when there is no-one to share.

This remarkable story hits me right on the mark, and could have been written specifically for me. Alas, Connor Wilson wasn’t around to tell me when I was 13, embarking on a journey that would take me away forever, from my family and friends, from my home and all that I knew.

A Giant Pencil is Billy’s story. Young Billy is not happy. He gets picked on and fussed at by his family and friends all the time, every day. One afternoon, when he is in trouble at the Principal’s office, he sees an object falling from the sky into the woods. It turns out to be a giant pencil that is visible only to Billy.

Billy discovers that the pencil gives him the power to erase every annoying person around him—which means everybody. He has so much fun deleting his family and the whole school. He plays video games, eats junk food, and nobody fusses that he doesn’t do his duties.

But all too soon, he learns that family and friends matter a great deal to him.

Written for 7 to 12-year-old readers, A Giant Pencil is so much more than just an entertaining read because it reminds everyone of the importance of family and friends. It will amaze you no end that this fascinating read—well written, deftly plotted, and well structured—was produced by an 8-year old author. Watch out for his future work!

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