Author: Sissy Lappin
Publisher: Launched Publishing
ISBN: 978-098492830-9

Would you give away six to eight percent of your hard-earned money when you do not have to do so? In Sissy Lappin’s book, Simple and Sold, the experienced real estate sales broker tells how to sell your own home and keep the exorbitant real estate commission for yourself.

With one hundred and seventy-nine pages, this hardbound book has a photograph of the author holding a sign on the front jacket cover. The back cover explains the contents of the book, lists the resourceful website and has a paragraph about the writer. The book is broken down into twelve chapters, walking the reader through every step in the process of successfully selling his or her own home. Each chapter has grayed “Fact” sections and most end with grayed “Bottom Lines” of chapter reviews. Almost twenty pages are dedicated to an informative glossary and there is a quick reference index. Targeted toward sellers who are unsure of the supposed daunting task of selling a house themselves, the book explains in detail how “the broker can only make you broker.”

Lappin, an independent realtor for twenty-eight years, knows the ins and outs of the antiquated, not-up-to-date real estate business and freely offers her sound, simple advice that the six to eight percent in commission paid to a realtor is not worth it and that selling a home by oneself saves time and money in the long run. She discusses why and why now to sell your home in a down economy, why you are better at it than a realtor, how to set the perfect price through research and common sense, how to get the house ready and market it professionally, how to work unemotionally with the potential buyer during negotiation, what to do about the home inspection and financial paperwork and finally, how to graciously hand the keys over to the new owners.

The author recommends that if needing to sell quickly, to price the house one percent below comparable homes in the neighborhood and if there is little inventory and more time allotted, to price two to four percent above market price. Thursdays are the best day to list a home for the first time on the internet and open houses are best from three to five o’clock in the afternoon on Sundays.

With the book’s plethora of information, tips, facts, own website with numerous charts, forms and instructions, this is an educational, easy-to-understand and follow book that empowers an individual to overcome the intimidation, fear and insecurity set by the real estate industry by selling one’s own house so that he or she benefits and profits the most.

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