Author: Linda Maloney

Publisher: Tannenbaum Publishing Company 

ISBN-10: 0978736974

ISBN-13: 978-0978736972


Linda Maloney knows how to describe the wind beneath her wings.

Military Fly Moms Sharing Memories, Building Legacies, Inspiring Hope by Linda Maloney presents an inspiring collection of seventy essays with common threads tying them all together:

  1. Each woman shares the dream of becoming a successful military aviator and being a mother to one or more children.

  2. Each woman offers personal insight about her experience parenting, the challenges she faced in her aviation career, and an inspirational quotation that captures the essence of her faith or belief system.

Linda Maloney achieved the distinction of being one of the first women in U.S. history to join a combat military flying squadron. After her retirement from military aviation, she received many military awards, including the distinguished air medal for combat that was awarded for flights flown over Southern Iraq in support of the no-fly zone during her deployment to the Arabian Gulf.

How have these other women balanced family and a military career?” she writes. “What times of career, family, and life decisions have to be made to make it all work? What stories would they tell their children? I interviewed more than one hundred of my fellow sister aviators—all moms—from every military service, asking each to tell me her story—her path to the military and flying, combat experiences, her joys in being a mom, how she balances family and career, the advice and encouragement she would give to other women seeking a military or aviation career, and the legacy she wants to pass down to her children and future generations.”

Linda's soaring efforts to answer these intriguing questions may take you on a flight to new fulfillment. Many readers, whether they are in military or non-military careers, will strongly identify with the challenges these women faced balancing a career and family. Not only will men and women find their stories uplifting, but imagine reading these chapters to your own daughter as bedtime stories. If anyone ever indicated to your child that she could not achieve her dreams, these personal testimonies will rouse your daughter’s spirit to accomplish her ambitions and allow no obstacle to block her road to success.

Each chapter is illustrated with one or more photos of the subject, often depicting her in full color and wearing her full uniform. Many of these women pose with their family. The book spreads out the seventy essays over more than 236 pages. The author’s writing style offers perfect grammar, punctuation, and spelling, and the interior is well-composed, easy to read, entertaining, and informative.    

Linda Maloney recently started My Mom Flies, a women/mom focused company, which encourages and supports moms who are managing family and career priorities while striving to achieve balance and margin in their lives. She currently lives in Rhode Island with her husband, Dan, and two young sons.

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