Author: Patricia Abrams
Publisher: The Peppertree Press, LLC.
ISBN: 978-1-61493-031-0

The statement that a dog is man’s best friend is an understatement when it comes to search and rescue dogs that are trained to find, help and protect humans. This is shown, discussed and proved in Patricia Abrams children’s book, Noah and the Search Dogs.

The nineteen pages, ten by ten inch paperback book shows a photograph of a mid-sized, multi-colored canine lying down in front of an American flag on the front cover. The back cover has three reviews and a paragraph about the search team and author photograph. Dedicated to their Florida community foundation, the community’s children and to all search and rescue handlers, the story is about one dog’s life as a search dog. There are one to two photographs of Noah doing different tasks on almost every page, such as running in a field, searching for someone, wearing his rescue vest or interacting with his partners or school children. Targeted toward pre-school to early elementary school children, there are no scary or frightening scenes. Due to so much wording and long length of reading, a beginner reader may have some difficulty or an adult may have to take longer than normal to read as a bedtime story.

Noah was adopted into the Abrams family on Valentine’s Day as a young pup. While going to a special school and having caring, experienced in canine training owners, he learned about courage, kindness and selfishness in responding to human beings, especially those who were lost, hurt or needed to be rescued. He was trained to smell people’s scents and follow their trail, disciplined to listen to human commands and be part of a rescue team.

Through playing games of hide and seek in a forest or obeying his handlers’ commands, he was rewarded with his favorite toy. One time a snake got his attention and another time an alligator tried to trick him to get closer; both could hurt him but he smartly stayed away. His favorite thing to do was to visit children at their school and show them his learned skills. It made him happy that so many people loved and cared about him. Like humans, he learned to stay safe, healthy and became a leader.

Noah lived with the Abrams’ family for thirteen years and was an important part of the Sarasota K-9 Search and Rescue Team. Although he is now missed, his life is remembered in this educational book that helps children realize how important training is for a search and rescue dog.

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