Illustrator: David Hill

Publisher: Music Together LLC

ISBN: 978-0-9855719-0-0

A book that brings an adult and a child together in a fun, educational and learning experience is wonderful and uplifting. The Music Together Singalong Storybooks do just that and more, especially in their international greeting song, Hello, Everybody!

This thirty-two page over-sized advance review copy has a drawing of a bright two story house with a happy person and cat waving at each window on the front. Each detailed and colorful drawing by illustrator David Hill covers two full open pages with big, easy to understand scenes. Some pictures have the family cat, dog or a big green happy dinosaur within the picture. This book is geared for a parent or adult to read to a child from birth to six years old and includes several pages of instructions, suggestions on reading and singing tips, and imaginative projects to do. There is nothing scary or unnerving in the book that would frighten a toddler or preschooler except maybe when the dinosaur escapes from the museum and roars.

This short story is one rendition of the song sung at the start of every Music Together class worldwide, giving a fun, warm welcome to each individual child. Although it may be sung a little different than the soundtrack, it is easily personalized for each reader and listener. At the beginning of the book, there is a page explaining how to use the book and recording, a page dedicated to the international Music Together program, and a page about the song’s history. One can go online and buy for ninety-nine cents an audible MP3 version to play along while reading the story.

This very artsy, creative tome shows a little boy waving in the morning and greeting everybody with a “hello.” He greets his stuffed animals on his bed, his parents and grandparents, a sibling, relatives and even his dog. When he goes outside, he says “hello” to anyone or anything he sees including the garden, a carrot, houses, playground, tree, trolley, dinosaur, singers and a band, saying how glad he is to see each one of them. At the end of the book, there are two pages of suggested activities, a music sheet of the song, and how to purchase the song on their website.

Any adult can easily read or sing aloud this song with his or her own tune and personalization to children and have them join in, adding more and more people, places or things to the wording. With all the negativity in the world today, Music Together does a delightful job convincing us that all children are musical with this nicely illustrated, innocuous children’s book.

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