Author: Jeremy LeBon
Illustrator: Morgan Griffin
Publisher: Diamond DMT Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-9837638-2-6

The Bible states in Romans 8:28 “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.” When a loved one is killed at war, it is very hard to explain it to a young child but in Jeremy LeBon’s children’s book, Daddy’s Not Coming Home, it may help lessen the blow in a young person’s confused and insecure life.

This unnumbered but around forty pages, hardbound book has a painting of a boy in front of a glowing fireplace in a living room with a portrait of his father in uniform on the mantel. Dedicated to military families who have lost a parent or loved one, the story is heartbreaking, tender and compassionate, trying to help a pre-school age or younger realize death’s finality on earth, that his or her father will not be coming home from war and the hope that they will see them again in Heaven. The story is written in rhyme format with paintings illustrated by Morgan Griffin that are easily understood as they adapt to each part of the story. An audible CD is inserted that has D. Pittman’s voice telling the story with applicable background sounds including “Taps.” The two songs, “America the Beautiful” and “We’ll Never Say Goodbye Again,” are also included.

Written by LeBon with the support of his Army veteran brother, this humble, tragic story is about young Christian who sees his mother’s reaction when a man dressed in a uniform knocks on the door, informing them that his father has died in the war. The tale moves tenderly through his mother explaining that his daddy will not be coming back and they witness the graveside funeral with military honors given. Afterwards, a letter comes in the mail to Christian from his daddy, reminding him that he loves him deeply and is now in Heaven. He comforts him by telling Christian he will see him again.

This touching, poignant and sad tale reminds each of us the ultimate sacrifice our military personnel along with their families give daily for our freedom, especially when there is a death or an injury that alters the family structure significantly. This book may truly help a young child cope with the hurt, loss and tragedy of losing a parent and bring him or her hope that sometime in the future they will be with them again.

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