Author:  Robert Kral

ISBN: 9781468095746


Robert Kral's Idiotville:  The Fool's Handbook for the 21st Century is a comedic fictional story about several events that occur in the town of Idiotville.

Robert Kral's intent is to emphasize how blindly people follow each other and the kind of stupid things people do.  Everyone is capable of performing acts that turn out to be stupid but you move on and laugh about it.  In the book, the citizens are the embodiment of stupidity.  Now you can’t possibly believe that anyone is capable of acting foolishly on a regular basis, but the author makes the reader feel confident that this could occur and he takes it to the level of involving an entire town.

The characters in the book suffer many conflicts that arise due to his or her lack of intelligence. The humour that follows is due to how the conflicts are resolved.

The stories are set in a modern day place called Idiotville, which is similar to any contemporary modern city. The readers can relate to some of the outlandish things that happen to these clueless characters. The reader gets drawn into the antics and eagerly await to see the outcome.  There is no sci-fi or fantasy element to this story.  The actions depicted in the book are generated by the every day motions of people like you and me, but unfortunately these people have the lack of common sense.

The author gives you a good depiction of the lifestyle of the people living in the town. The reader is not bogged down by a lot of backstory, but describes the problems the citizens get themselves into.

There is a lot of dialogue that makes you a part of the events. They're funny and very creative. The point of the story is told by an omniscient narrator who can describe what all the characters are doing in the story.  Each chapter deals with what a different character is going through.  One of my favorites, is the story about the infamous yellow ribbon and how it gets the Mayor into a lot of trouble with his townsfolk.  Another memorable one is the explosive incident that you can’t afford to miss.

Idioutville was easy to read and filled with 165 pages of pure amusement.   While you may wonder why would you waste your time reading a book about idiouts, it’s an entertaining farce of what could happen if you walked into a town of vapid people.  If you enjoyed watching Dumb and Dumber, you'll also enjoy reading this book.

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