Author: Henri Nissen         

Publisher: Scandinavia Publishing House

ISBN: 978-8771-320886

Most people are familiar with the story of the Biblical flood and how God reiterated centuries later in Isaiah 54:9 “… for as I have sworn that the waters of Noah should no more go over the earth …” and it would not occur again. In Henri Nissen’s Noah’s Ark – Ancient Accounts and New Discoveries, the topic of finding the actual ark is methodically explored and examined.

This three hundred and thirty-two page, hardbound book has a photograph of Mount Ararat on the front cover.  Inside there are both black/white and colored photographs, charts, diagrams, maps and drawings related to Noah’s Ark.  A brown rock photograph runs along the bottom of each glossy, smooth page.  The book is targeted mainly toward Christians and Jews who believe and support that God flooded the earth several thousand years ago.  There are several spacing and capitalization errors and there is no index to reference a person, place or topic.

Nissen divides the book into three parts: a historical section that discusses Noah, the Great Flood, Mount Ararat and the plethora of physical attempts to find the ark dating from ancient to current times; the Kurdish-Chinese breakthrough in 2008 when they located a large wooden structure under ice and rock at Mount Ararat; and background information on the ark from Biblical accounts including ship building, mankind’s knowledge and age, the Book of Jasher, King Gilgamesh’s poetry and current day replicas of the vessel.

The author’s findings are detailed and interesting, stating that over two hundred cultures mention the universal flood, including Josephus from the Middle Ages up to Marco Polo and current archeological teams that question and search for the ship’s existence.  Much is devoted to the known explorers dating back to the seventeenth century with tales of locating or seeing the big boat and its resting place, with many legends being challenged.  In 1883 supposedly the ark was found and publicized worldwide yet soon it and its location forgotten due to war.  Then in 2008, the Christian NAMI team from China with the help of Muslim Kurds documented and photographed being inside the wooden craft, under ice and rock, hidden out of view in the mountain.  They did not tell the world until 2010 due to confirming their discovery and currently still have not divulged its location to protect it from being looted, destroyed or taken apart.

Besides discussing volcanoes, earthquakes, fear of climbing and strange illnesses or accidents, nearby anchor stones, possible altars, stories of Adam and Eve’s clothing being aboard and the bickering between several researchers in relationship to the famous boat, the book is extremely thorough and fascinating, forcing the reader to wonder if this recent breakthrough can truly document that the Biblical story about the Great Flood actually occurred.

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