Author: Joyce Graham Fogwill

Publisher: Outskirts Press

ISBN: 978-1-4327-9586-3

Insects are good for our environment and learning about them can be fun and interesting for all ages. In Joyce Graham Fogwill’s Bubs the Bumblebee and the Spider’s Web one can learn about bees and spiders’ habits and lives.

This twenty-three page, over-sized paperback book has a photograph of a big spider in its web saying “Yummm!” with a smaller bee nearby saying “I’m a Bee.” The story can be read to pre-school age and below or read by a young reader who has a good vocabulary and understanding. Because the topic involves spiders capturing and eating insects and bees, some children may not understand or become upset about this natural way of life on our planet.

Inside the short tome are beautiful photographs both small and as large as a full page dedicated to mainly spiders and bees. Some pictures show an already caught insect, dead or decomposing. By each page number, there is a small bee fluttering around. Any time the hero bee, Bubs, is mention, her name is bolded, colored and capitalized for emphasis. At the end of the story there is a page describing the physical characteristics between spiders and insects.

Bubs the Bumblebee lives with her queen bee mother and four sisters. One morning they wake up and learn that high winds mixed with chemicals caused a fire that left dust and ash everywhere, destroying all the pollen and nectar the family eats. Bubs leaves to explore other nearby areas to find a new home for her family.

When she sees a house with a beautiful garden with lots of flowers, she notices all the spiders and their webs. Being very careful, she goes into the garden, careful not to touch any of the webs and, since it is too late to fly back home and she is lost, she falls asleep.

The next day Bubs returns home and tells her family about the new home and they follow her back to the budding garden. Her determined sister Bunte separates from them and gets stuck in a spider’s nest, only to have Bubs come and rescue her before the spider attacks. They all fly to a larger garden on the other side of the house where there are no spiders and they live happily ever after, eating pollen and nectar.

This story is great for an inquisitive child who is not afraid of bugs, insects or spiders and curious about how they live. It is a good educational tool that can be read over and over, verifying how God makes such unique creatures which we tend to ignore and take for granted.

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