Author: Julie M. Milne, PhD

Publisher: Outskirts Press

ISBN: 978-1-4327-9505-4

The Bible states Jesus says in John 17:3 “And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.” Julie M. Milne shares her own suggested transitions in regard to assisting a love one’s passing into eternity in her short book, Sacred Transitions – Taking a More Conscious Role with Dying.

This one hundred and sixty-eight page paperback book depicts a photograph of a lily flower on the front jacket and a book review, author biography and photograph on the back. Inside, the book starts with four more reviews, a table of contents, introduction and one-page “Unconditional Love” article. Part One is over ninety pages, covering the author’s own personal viewpoint of death, dwelling a little on her father’s with most time spent on her mother’s dying process while having Alzheimer’s disease. Part Two is almost forty pages that is her recommended handbook for family, friends and caregivers, listing applicable books and websites and giving bullet point instructions on some self-help ideas. There is an afterward that tells her way of connecting with the dead, acknowledgements, about the author, biography and index. The book caters to those caregivers dealing with the dying process of loved ones so would not be recommended for those under adult age. There are some punctuation and capitalization errors.

The passing of a loved one, especially one’s own parent, is hard, emotionally draining and wistful. Author Milne walks through the years, months, weeks, days and hours of moving her mother from home to assisted living to a hospice environment as she diligently and compassionately takes care of her. She goes through her own transitions of accepting both her parents’ deaths, convinced she can assist, aid and even control in the God-given timing and passage by predicting what is happening to the loved one through observation and acting upon it. Besides following her mother’s Catholic upbringing by prayer, chanting, repeating the Rosary, and taking Eucharist, she uses a plethora of self-help, existential techniques. Praying to “Divine Mother-Father God, Infinite Love and Wisdom, and all the angels and archangels,” she blends Mother Earth, Buddhism and Hinduism with Catholicism, throwing a Bible verse in occasionally. Vibration, Reiki Phowa, the Bardo, Breathwork, and Cocoon and Rose Energy Tools are explained and used to help even the caregiver. When she mentions orange light bulbs, violet flames, energy vortexes, astral planes, light essence oils, tarot cards, numerology, kinesiology, music-thanatologist, pendulums for decision making or all seven chakras, one understands how the writer wants to desperately help her mother and herself.

Since this reader only trusts in the One True God, there is concern and compassion for the writer’s angst in aiding her parents’ passing but only hopes and prays for discernment and spiritual intervention during anyone’s dealings with such a heart-wrenching sacred soul transition.

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