Author: Devon Anthony        

Illustrator: Gwen Glifford

CD Producer: Mark Vincent Pence

Publisher: Diamond DMT Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-9837638-0-2

The Bible states in Hebrews 11:1 “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” In Devon Anthony’s children’s book Joi the Koi Gets a New Name, hope is seen through a pet fish looking for a new home.

This unnumbered but around thirty page over-sized hardcover book has a colorful drawing of a happy large Koi with big red lips on the front cover and a photograph of the author’s pet fish on the back cover. Illustrator Gwen Clifford’s artworks are large, bright, detailed, easy to understand and are depicted on every page as they follow the engaging storyline. Also included is a narrative CD produced by Mark Vincent Pence that has a woman telling the story, complete with background sounds and music with both English and Spanish options. The story is compassionate and not at all frightening so would be acceptable to all age groups, from preschool through adult. At the end of the story, the above Bible verse is mentioned. There is a dedication page to a beautiful woman and fun fish facts about guppies, Bettas, Shubunkins and Koi fish along with author’s notes and introduction to the next book in the series.

This cute tome is about Joi the Koi whose current home is at Ark Land, a busy pet store where many customers come and go, choosing and buying their favorite pets. In the back of the store is the Fish Village which has four types of fun fish. An energetic young boy enters the area bouncing a ball and accidentally breaks the fish tank glass, causing all the fish to spill on to the floor. With all fish rescued and put into a new, safe tank, an announcement is made that all the fish are now half priced and must be sold right away. All but Joi the Koi are sold quickly and she tries to get many customers to notice her by kissing the glass or trying to make noises like the other animals in the store whenever anyone walks by her tank. Finally a little girl notices Joi is all alone and asks to be her friend. Before the Time Keeper says it is nine o’clock and the store is closed, Joi is netted, placed in a bag and bought, leaving with her new friend to a new home.

With all of the interesting information, this book is a wonderful educational tool that not only teaches about different types of fish but it reiterates hope, friendship and carrying about others between the detailed pictures and rhyming story.

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