Editor: Tom Jackson

Publisher: Shelter Harbor Press

ISBN: 978-0-9853230-5-9

In the Bible, Psalms 19:1 states “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth His handiwork.” Tom Jackson has edited a beautiful book titled, The Universe – An Illustrated History of Astronomy which confirms mankind’s increasing knowledge that yearns to discover God’s creativity in our expansive, incredible universe.

This one hundred and forty-four page, over-sized, hardbound book depicts a worm hole diagram in space on its front jacket. It is one of the new “Ponderables” series dedicated to trying to answer some of the oldest and important subjects in history. Each series discusses one hundred breakthroughs that changed history and who did what and when in a specific topic. This book caters to one hundred milestones that changed the way we perceive and understand our universe dating back thousands of years ago to current day.

Editor Jackson delineates the topics into five categories based on time: Center of the Universe, Finding Earth’s Place, Greater, Farther, Longer, Reaching for the Stars and the Next Frontier. Each breakthrough discussed is from a half page to two pages long, mentioning year discovered, by whom and how with tidbits of interesting particulars and pictures or diagrams. After the topics, the book includes a short guide that discusses the four energy forces, radiation, the solar system, eclipses, the life and death of stars, a brief universe history and types of galaxies. Next there are eight interesting “Imponderables” that are yet to be figured out, thirty-nine great astronomers’ profiles including their birthplace, birth and death dates, and important finding along with a notable paragraph. Finally there is a bibliography, index and acknowledgements along with an extensive fold-out timeline with monthly astronomical star charts for both hemispheres on one side and over one thousand milestone facts covering math, science, world and culture on the other.

Need more information on the gods of space, named by the Roman astrologers? Know about our “magnetic” planet that William Gilbert revealed in 1600 and started using the word “electricity?” Or German Heinrich Schwabe’s twenty-eight year findings of sunspot cycles in the eighteen hundreds? Eternal echoes, pulses from the cosmos and gamma-ray bursts were found more recently with the latest Kepler telescope launched into space, producing more than twelve hundred planet-looking objects, sixty eight of them are thought to be larger than Earth.

This nicely illustrated book is pro-Big Bang theory with no listing in index regarding evolution, creationism, God or even a Supreme Being. It is a beautifully depicted, well arranged and thought out table top exhibit catering to our marvelous, one of a kind universe. Open the book, check out the “Imponderables” and discover what came before the supposed Big Bang so you will be included in their next edition!

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