Author: Zev Lewinson

Publisher: SwordPen Publishers

ISBN: 9780979965364

Young children often want to know if they are truly loved. Young Adam is no different. One summer day while hanging out with his dad he asks with a whisper, “Dad, do you love me?” Of course, this questions starts a chain of events and has dad proving how much he loves Adam. Dad would jump into a den of starving and roaring lions to show his love for Adam. Dad would run into a house that is blazing with fire to save his son. Dad would wrestle an giant alligator and save Adam from viscous pitbulls to show just how much he loves his son. Bucking broncos wouldn't stop dad either. Dad would cross the hottest desert and journey to the north and south poles to show his love. Father and son spend a wonderful day together imagining.

Lewinson puts together a heartfelt story of love. Parents will enjoy sharing this great adventure that will take them and their kids around the world. Parents can discuss with their children just how much they are loved and what they would do for a child. Lively illustrations take young readers on a journey through all of the daring adventures presented. Basic sentences make this a great read for any beginner. A great family read to be shared and enjoyed.

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