Author: William Tellem
Publisher: SwordPen Publishers
ISBN: 9780985360221

Everybody goes, when they really, really gotta go, to the bathroom that is. Meet the Jones'. They are just like me and you. They have their daily schedules, just like me and you. Mr. Jones is a cab driver by day and a writer by night. When the urge hits him, his eyes grow wide and he is off with a yelp. Mrs. Jones is a surgeon, and sometimes the urge hits her while she is stitching a patient. Hoot! Out she runs. Priscilla Jones loves to play and read. She never knows when she will get that feeling. She could be at school, at play or at home. Loudly she bursts, “I gotta go!” Her parents, witin earshot, chime in, “When you gotta go, you gotta go.” Each of the Jones' doesn't want to look in the toilet to see what gave them that feeling, but Priscilla does.

Tellem touches on what may be considered a delicate subject. We all go and some children may be afraid of the urge and what it produces. Parents can look at this hilarious reads as a guide to take the fear out of going to the bathroom. Chalk pastel illustrations bring to life the urgency of need to go potty. A fun, educational and silly read for all.

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