Author: The Grabarchuk Family

Publisher: Grabarchuk Puzzles


Do your kids loathe anything to do with algebra and geometry? Why not try them on some fun puzzle quizzes devised by The Grabarchuk Family? They’re interactive, fun and stimulating, even for the most uncooperative learner. Why not print out a few and leave them lying around the house―when your no doubt inquisitive kids ask: “So, what ARE these?” you can explain how you find them intriguing. Let them time one another as to how fast they can do the puzzles―what do you know, maybe their competitive streak will kick in and they’ll start wanting to do them themselves…

303 Puzzle Quizzes is a compilation of three preceding Puzzlebooks brought out by the Grabarchuk Family: 100 Puzzle Quizzes, 101 Puzzle Quizzes, and 102 Puzzles Quizzes. So, if you already have the other three, you might decide to opt out on this one. However, if you have only just discovered the Grabarchuk Family’s offerings, this is a great way to get all three volumes at an even more reasonable price than usual. The range of puzzles is truly amazing, and should keep any family intrigued for hours. Why not encourage your kids to embark on a puzzle marathon with kids in the area―you could even get them to raise funds for their favorite projects in this way, by seeking sponsorship for their efforts. Imagine how exciting it would be for them to go on your local radio and/or TV station with such a marathon―they could gain instant fame by doing something that they might once have viewed as geeky!

As the compilers of this latest attention-grabbing mega collection of puzzles, The Grabarchuk Family certainly knows what it’s about! Having established a firm footing in the puzzle industry, they have developed an excellent reputation for themselves, and know well how to maximize their market share. That they have an international following of thousands is largely due to their approach being so open to what their readership really wants of them. Encouraging the many puzzle addicts that find their puzzles so worthwhile and stimulating that they just want to keep coming back for more to provide invaluable feedback, they have developed an amazing following on both Twitter and Facebook. In short, their market outreach is phenomenal, and they have a wide range of ardent admirers.

But don’t let me try to persuade you―why not wade right in, visit their online sites, try doing a few of the puzzles, if you haven’t done so yet, and see for yourself why they are so extremely popular. However long you spend on them, you can be guaranteed that it won’t be time wasted.

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