Author: Caroline Anaya
Publisher:Professional Fitness, Inc.
ISBN: 978-0-9834676-0-1

  On Ageing Gracefully

The first thing that made this book stand out for me was the picture of the author on the back cover. The predominant thought that came up in my mind was “This is what is Ageless Beauty”. Clearly the author practises what she preaches.

Most of us miss our youth because our physical bodies were strong, so we had greater stamina and could accomplish more with less effort. Today, “a record number of atypical people are entering their senior years. They are healthier, smarter, better looking and more fun than seniors of times gone by. Yet the old-school stereotype of wrinkly, unhealthy and dumb old folks persists.”

In this book, Caroline Anaya makes out a case for  age being on our side, instead of against us. She argues that as we grow older and gain more wisdom, the maturity and self-confidence gained thereby, can be used to offset the imbalances in physique, which can, in turn,also be rejuvenated according to contemporary research. Besides, it has also been shown that even the brain can change, contradicting earlier information which stated that brain cells cannot regenerate. Therefore, according to Caroline,”This book is a treatise on the good news, on catching up and keeping up, and on recreating our future. It is quite possible to have great mental and physical health and to have a lively social life and friendships, to live fully”

To this end, Caroline Anaya puts forth seven key steps to a more fulfilling life after retirement. She promotes the “quantum” mindset” advocated by Deepak Chopra, among others, that most problems in Life arise from our own interpretations and reactions to them. Using this as a cornerstone, she proposes a regime that includes physical cleanliness, laughter, a sensible diet,  physical and mental exercise and finally socializing. At the end of the book, there is a well of references for the interested reader to browse through  and contact, if so inclined.

Most of the material is common sense wisdom, available in the known literature. Caroline puts this knowledge together in a perspective,especially adapted to the aging person, who is willing to take a second go at Life. And in this purpose, she succeeds remarkably well. Her take on the subjects of nutrition and exercise are especially original and enlightening. This book is very well written and a fast,easy read.

I recommend it highly to all readers of bookpleasures.

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