Clich Here To Purchase Knife on Skin at 7:30

Author: Farhan Ansari

ISBN: 978-1-4196-7594-2


Ansari had my attention from the very first page. Knife on Skin at 7:30 is true accounting of the life as a surgeon -- with a taste of the afterlife thrown in. I found this author’s first novel extremely entertaining and educational.


Farhan’s trip to Ireland was not his first to a new place. However, he would know no one when he arrived. And although he “hated medicine and loved surgery,” there were steps to becoming a surgeon. The author speaks about the military/medical internships and his decision to attend Royal College of Surgeons. He knew it would be a bumpy ride, and he was not disappointed.


The first chapter deals with finding a place to lay his head while he is in Ireland. It seemed to be a difficult task – and costly. The accommodation was a small room in exchange for house sitting. However, as with all good things (finding a home), there comes strings. This was no different. Electric was coin-operated, as was the bathroom facilities. If he used more time than he had paid for in the shower, for example, he would be toweling off soap instead of rinsing it off.


From packing his bags, changing accommodations, and feeling his way around for the path that would take him to his dream of being a surgeon, Ansari has a unique way of telling his story. He learned his first assignment, orthopedics, was not his cup of tea. “There was hardly anything delicate about orthopedics. The main instruments were a drill, nails of different sizes and descriptions, metal rods of various sizes and diameters, and one hammer for all. Chisel, saw, hammer, and fragments of bones shooting off like sawdust convinced me that a month’s internship with the local carpenter would have proved useful before joining here.”


From the living patients to the dead ghost, Alice; to a cake filled with jewelry; to a jump overboard from a ferry; and even a travel back in time, this novel has it all. This young surgeon makes the grade and it’s now knife on skin at eight o’clock – because he is the boss.


Not expecting it from a surgeon, Farhan Ansari is a master storyteller. The key words are suspense, travel, medicine, ghost, intrigue, and human nature.


Clich Here To Purchase Knife on Skin at 7:30