Author: Stefan Petrucha

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 978-0-451-46474-3

Some zombies just cannot move on with their lives. In Stefan Petrucha’s second in the Hessius Mann novel series, Dead Mann Running, the dark, dry tale of zombies blending with us live humans continues, but this time on a somewhat humanistic note.

This three hundred and thirty nine page paperback book is smaller than the normal size so can be easily hid inside a backpack, toted in a back pocket or tucked under a pillow for safe keeping, away from prying, covetous eyes. With using two of the main profanities freely and bizarre descriptions of body parts from the afterlife, the peculiar topics covered may not be acceptable for preteen age or younger, unless, of course, they are cussing zombies themselves or appear to be.

Without knowing all the gory details of Petrucha’s first novel, Dead Mann Walking, the reader can easily put together the facts in this written in first person tome: past police detective Hess Mann has been executed yet is somewhat alive, has been accused of killing his wife, and is now living haphazardly in the city as a chakz who pathetically still tries to solve police cases. When a live human arm complete with fingers knocks at his door to deliver a briefcase and immediately several rogue groups are trying to confiscate it, Mann and his assistant try to figure out what the two precious vials inside the case really contain and who are their owners.

With his body deteriorating, bones broken yet super-glued together and mind afraid to go feral at any moment, Mann has to deal with his old boss who had slept with his wife and still hates him, a raggedy who is more a ninja than a disfigured young girl, a painted-up zombie newscaster whose supervisor has a niche to help the decaying needy, a charismatic chakz evangelist who communicates to his followers virally by cellphone and a sadistic female scientist who has more than a simple interest in testing her patients. From going into depressing chakz camps, surreal science labs, watched office buildings and a mental asylum, the weary but determine detective tries to solve his past memories of his father, the current deteriorating problems of being a zombie and the fractured future of all mankind.

If you thought you knew everything about how a zombie lives and lasts but want a page turner with bone-snapping twists and turns, this emotional, passionate and very twisted read about zombies verses lifebloods should do the mortal trick.

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