Author: The Grabarchuk Family

Publisher: Grabarchuk Puzzles


Latest from the stable of Grabarchuk Puzzle Quizzes comes Puzzlebook: 104 Puzzle Quizzes, fifth and final ebook in the top-rated puzzle series. As colorful and interactive as ever, the puzzles that make up this book are all as we have come to expect them – unique creations of the Grabarchuk Family enterprise. Each puzzle is new and exciting, making the collection a worthwhile purchase for any family or individual that is keen on gaming. The variety of puzzles is once again stunning, ranging through visual, logic, spatial, counting, geometry, matchstick, coins, searching and more. Whatever type of puzzle you’ve established as your personal favourite, you’ll be likely to find it here.

Once again, the puzzles are all arranged from easy to hard, and, with their level being clearly marked in each instance, you should be able to find your way around this collection with the greatest of ease. Created in full color, even on the darkest and gloomiest of days, simply spending some time on viewing this eye candy should put the glummest of souls in a more enlightened mood. A visual treat and a mental adventure―what more could any enterprising individual who has a little time on their hands require?

In addition to the fun element enticing the reader in, a primary aim of these books is also educational, so that, if you are a teacher with time to spare at the end of a class, especially one in Mathematical Literacy, you would be well advised to consider acquiring at least a few on which your learners can be encouraged to focus their interest for the few minutes left. They could even be offered as a reward for those who finish their lessons early – what a positive inducement to knuckle down and work hard, so that you can indulge in a fun activity that should serve as ample stimulation for even the nimblest of thinkers!

Personally, I love to take a break from my desk job every now and again to do just one or two of the puzzles on my PC―it’s so handy just being able to click into a puzzle or two while remaining seated and able to get back to work immediately afterwards again. At least that way, I don’t have to develop a guilty conscience, realising that the inspiration that doing these puzzles arises in one can the very next moment be ploughed straight back into even more creative work!

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