Author: Melissa Fusarelli

ISBN: 978-0982773796

Colorful Kisses is a children’s book, wonderfully illustrated by the author, Melissa Fusarelli. (The author is a freelance illustrator as well as an Art Educator, and has a BFA in illustration design and an MS degree in Art Education.) The preface of the book states that the idea behind the book was inspired by the author’s young daughter, Molly, and the ‘beautiful colors’ that the author sees in her daughter’s  ‘various routines throughout the day.’

The character in the book is called Molly. At the start of the book, ‘The smiling sun delivers dawn with a kiss’, and Molly asks her mother what colour her own kisses are. Her mother explains that they are ‘all colors’. Then the book goes on to describe the different colours of Molly’s kisses depending on the changing moods and feelings of the child. For example, Molly’s morning kisses are described as pink and ‘soft and sweet’, she has yellow ‘happy’ kisses ‘when you learn something new’, purple kisses 'as you march and play’, whereas her ‘gray kisses’ are ‘when you’re tired and don’t know why.’

The book cleverly takes various typical activities from a child’s day -- such as playing with a toy, playing hide and seek, bath time -- and adds a colour associated with a feeling that the child might be having during that particular activity. It’s a sweet book. It could be used as a nice way to teach the different colours to younger children. It is essentially a book that looks at the different feelings associated with various colours as seen through the eyes of a child.

The illustrations are lovely and they help to show the different moods associated with the colours. As I turned each page, I could really get a sense of the feeling behind each colour as described by the words used. This shows the talent behind creating the book. I think the colour associations are great, and the pictures and words really go together well to create a nice book that would be perfect as a gift for a child. This book would be suitable to read to pre-school children, and would also be a fun book for a slightly older child to read themselves. The author has used her experience and knowledge and artistic talent to create a great book that educates children about art, the use of colour, and feelings and emotions associated with colour.

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