Author: Stephanie Grace Whitson

Publisher: Barbour Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-616264444

What would you do if you had just found out that your husband has been having an affair – or more than one affair? What if you could not have a child and your husband had offspring from another woman? And what would you do if your husband, a pillar in the community, was killed in a fire at the local brothel, supposedly rescuing one of the working ladies? In Stephanie Grace Whitson’s novel, The Shadow on the Quilt, these sad, tragic events happen to Juliana Sutton.

This three hundred and nineteen page paperback book depicts a women dressed in late eighteenth century clothing holding a quilt with a muted large house in the background on the front cover. This Christian historical fiction has no profanity, includes mild romantic overtones with no sexual scenes and discusses consequences of adultery, children born out of wedlock and coping with infidelity. The tome is targeted to young female adults but might be enjoyed by young mature teenage women. Each chapter has a Bible verse dedicated to the topic discussed in the chapter. There are several well-known hymns dove-tailed into the story from the time period.

The second in the Quilt Chronicle Series story is based in Lincoln, Nebraska during Chester Arthur’s presidency of the United States in 1883, when towns were expanding and historic mansions constructed. Juliana Sutton, young, married to Sterling but unable to have children, finds a locket in her husband’s dresser drawer with the initials of P.L. engraved on it along with a photograph of a mother and child. Juliana’s anger erupts but is abruptly extinguished when the town’s brothel catches on fire and her wealthy, successful husband is killed along with a brothel employee.

With her faith in God, Juliana not only has to process her husband’s infidelity and adultery, but grieve for his passing while dealing with her anger and pain. She is kept busy continuing over-seeing the large, opulent mansion her husband was building outside of town. Cass, the foreman supervising the construction and dealing with his own family upbringing and troubles, befriends Juliana and questions if there is could possibly be more to their relationship.

Whitson uses a hand-made quilt weaved throughout the story that is made by the Society of the Home of The Friendless ladies which include Sterling’s two dear aunts and Juliana. Besides the history of the land, the time period and growing romance that Juliana yearns for, the story includes mourning observations, courting relationships and day to day work habits of the community.

This is a wonderful read that is engaging, spiritual without condemnation and romantic in an agape and loving fashion. Including the simple plan of eternal salvation, this book shows how God’s love conquers the broken, hurt heart and that His plans are perfect in all instances.

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