Author: Susan Dintino

Publisher: Hay House, Inc.

ISBN: 978-1-4019-3802-4

Baby boomers are getting older and more contemplative about their mark on earth and in society and are writing more about their own experiences. In Susan Dintino’s Songs of My Life … Slightly Out of Tune, the author reflects on her past upbringing, her marital and parental relationship familiarities and her years of learned knowledge in a humorous, yet serious way by relating life being a series songs that each of us sing differently and out of tune.

This one hundred and eighteen page paperback book has a cut out blue bird against parched paper on the front cover. The author is a motivational speaker and host of a weekly radio show who recently trademarked a new meditation technique and has been married over forty years, producing three children and three grandchildren. The book is targeted to those over forty years old, but it can especially relate to the baby-boomer female. It should be noted the book has minor profanity and discusses topics such as nude bathing, naked yoga along with pubic hair, mammograms and colonoscopies.

Dintino writes the book as if it is her own memoir, in first person with self-reflection, self-observation and self-discovery. The writing is usually lighthearted with humor in mind but could be perceived or misconstrued by some as sarcastic, negative and debasing herself along with others at times.

The author correlates her life to different songs, sung out of tune but similar to everyone else’s music notes of life. If she is not mocking her constant weight shift, her worrisome high blood health issues or her increasing facial wrinkles in need of Botox, she scoffs her youngest wild child’s oblivious frustrations, her husband’s perpetual tardiness and silent treatments or her mother’s unwavering need for attention. Tender tales are told of her brother’s cancer and death along with her marital upheavals. The book concludes with her suggestions to take charge of your life and make it more enjoyable and bearable by looking at it more casually, compassionately and cheerfully through several of her recommended techniques.

Sometimes self-indulgent and self-absorbed, Dintino is funny yet honest about making her needs and wants attained in her relationships by stop focusing on others all the time but internally hone in on oneself by sending flowers with thank-you appreciation notes or getting away from others through a trip, spa day or meditation. Without mentioning God as her song of peace, this author writes how she believes one can live stress-free and find every-day joy in people, places and, especially, oneself.

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