Compiled and Edited by: Linda Maloney

Publisher: Tannenbaum Publishing Company

ISBN: 978-0-978736972

In the Bible, Psalm 127:3 states “Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord …” In Military Fly Moms – Sharing Memories, Building Legacies, Inspiring Hopes, compiled and edited by Linda Maloney, most women in the military recognize this fact as they juggle work and family life thousand miles apart.

This two hundred and thirty-six page, over-sized softbound book has five photographs of military mothers with their families depicted on the front jacket and twelve reviews on the back jacket. The book also includes pages on accolades, dedication, acknowledgments, forward, introduction, addition tales and flybys by mothers and children, glossary, photo credits and biography. No noticeable grammatical, punctuation or typographical errors were found. Due to the subject matter, this book is targeted especially to those aviator women serving in the United States military but the book can be enjoyed by both male and female from preschool through adult ages.

Maloney, a military aviator herself, has compiled over seventy short one to four page autobiographies from female flyers from the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. With most retired or “separated” from their military status, all have in common one main thread: children. Each story is written in first person, usually starting at their birth and education to getting married and climbing the ranks in their establishment. But what they each hone in on as there most important
task is having children, being away from them and how they dealt with it.

The reader is taken in awe of the sacrifices that each of these women give up both patriotically and with their family to serve our America. Each story has a photograph of the women with one or all their family members. It was interesting to notice how many married someone already involved in the same branch of the military and how both had to forfeit a normal life style like us non-combatants enjoy so liberally.

Similar stories told include Army helicopter flyers, Navy pilots landing on aircraft carriers, Air Force Captain flying F-15s, Marines who got their gold wings or the Coast Guard doing search and rescue. All share an amazingly, deep love for their children that, as most of them say, is harder to achieve than flying itself.

This is a very beneficial, helpful book for any female who is considering a life-long career in any of our prestigious armed services and want to have a family too as she may need a realistic approach to a complicated but worthwhile situation.

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