Author: John Hagee

Publisher: Worthy Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-61795-077-3

The saying “everything happens for a reason” rings true in John Hagee’s book, The Power of Prophetic Blessing, because he firmly believes God has ordained all things have and will happen for specific reasons.

This three hundred page hard bound book has front jacket cover of what appears to be the Ark of the Covenant slightly opened with light beaming from it into a starry night. The back has two paragraphs about the book. The inside flap jacket has four more paragraphs about the contents along with a short biography and photograph of the author. There are bolded “Think on This” sentences to reiterate specific topics spread throughout the chapters. Also included are seven pages of bibliography notes along with four blank pages to write observations. There were no grammar, punctuation or spelling errors noticed.

The book is geared for those who already have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and believe prophetic blessings can still be invoked today. For those questioning their own eternity, the plan of salvation is also included.

The first two sections of this book researches the word “bless, blessed and blessing” in the Bible, referencing mainly in the Old Testament through the Gospels to its use, format, and reasoning. It starts its study in Genesis when God blessed Adam and Eve, describes Esau and Jacob’ opposite blessings, dissects Abraham’s covenant blessing and his ten godly testings, and explains the nations who protected or wanted to destroy Israel
during the Old Testament times to date. This educational tool expounds on the twelve tribes of Israel, each of their detailed Jewish blessings and where they are today in relationship to those blessings. The author moves into the New Testament blessings of Jesus, examining the future kingdom blessings of the Beatitudes, applying it to our daily lives.

Hagee shows that in the Old Testament, the blessing was given by someone with spiritual authority, by standing, arms uplifted and done in the name of the Lord, face-to-face with a loud voice to be believed and received by the person being blessed. However, the book does not consider that some of these elements were missing in the Beatitudes nor mentions in Acts where, after the laying on hands, the Holy Spirit is sent to be our Intercessor.

The last third of the book concludes Hagee’s beliefs that prophetic blessings can be utilized yet does not emphasis the Holy Spirit’s role or the power of prayer in our age of grace. Besides telling some of his own personal blessings of his family and offspring, he includes easy-to-read blessings to help others start giving blessings on their own.

By knowing prophetic blessings are of Biblical Jewish tradition and we have no true prophets today, this is a resourceful book to learn about the word “bless” in the first two thirds of the Bible. Although some debate that prophetic blessings only occurred before the Holy Spirit came and are not needed today, the book challenges the reader to see the true power of God when He blesses mankind, both in viewing past and present history and how He transforms our lives with authority and sovereignty.

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