Follow Here To Purchase TurboCharged Recipes: Delicious Fuel for Your Fabulous Fat Burning Machine (Volume 1)

Author: Dian Griesel, PhD with Tom Griesel

Publisher: The Business School of Happiness, Inc.

ISBN: 9781936705078

There are so many diet plans with matching food recipes on the market today that one can easily be confused which one works. Siblings Dian Griesel, PhD and Tom Griesel have produced a very simple to follow cookbook that merges with their own diet plan called TurboCharged Recipes.

This two hundred and fifty eight page, eight by eleven inch soft bound book touts over three hundred recipes with three food group photographs (vegetables, eggs and fruits) on the front jacket and a description with a small author biography and photograph on the back. Although there are no reviews on the back cover, the very first page lists seven of them, mainly from fans or print media. The only noticeable capitalization issue was tablespoon as Tbsp but it may have been intended to emphasize the difference with teaspoon, tsp.

The book is written in conjunction with the authors’ “TurboCharged” holistic diet that is based on tracking body fat and composition, drinking an abundance of water, getting plenty of exercise and eating lots of whole protein, fresh fruits or vegetables using the 90/10 percent rule. The writers base most of their findings on how our ancestors lived lean and active lives, separating their nutrients by their sporadic meals.

The recipes are broken down into food group sections that include beverages, dips and dressings, appetizers, soups and stews, salads, vegetarian, eggs, fish, meat, poultry and desserts. Unfortunately, there is no alphabetical index to quickly locate a specific food without reading through each section.

After an interesting eighteen page introduction that discusses the history of the diet, specific TurboCharged foods, lack of needing additional supplements, how to promote healthy eating with your children and ways to enhance flavoring with seasonings, the book has page after page of tasty-sounding recipes without listing caloric or fat content.

Each recipe is very simple and to the point with the left side of the page stating the ingredients and the right side giving short, numbered directions. The book heavily concentrates on vegetarian meals with thirty eight pages of details and salads covering thirty two pages. Since there are no photographs of the prepared meals, it is hard to know the outcome produced.

From gorgonzola spread with walnuts, green crepes or grilled swordfish salad to stuffed eggplant, zucchini canapés or egged veal cutlets, all bases are covered that are adapted to their lean diet. Surprisingly, cream cheese, heavy cream and whipping cream were ingredients in some of the recipes.

Since the book is in conjunction with the diet, it is a perfect resource for quick, easy to follow and easy to make meals that even someone who is not on their specific diet plan would enjoy. For those of us in a perpetual hurry, it is a welcomed reference book to grab and use quickly.

Follow Here To Purchase TurboCharged Recipes: Delicious Fuel for Your Fabulous Fat Burning Machine (Volume 1)