Click Here To Purchase Armed and Glamorous: A Crime of Fashion Mystery (Crime of Fashion Mysteries)

Author: Ellen Byerrum
Publisher: Obsidian
ISBN: 978-0-451-22456-9

It’s hard to believe that fashion and murder would make a good mix, but in “Armed and Glamorous,” it’s a winning combination. Add to that the fashion-challenged setting of Washington, DC, and this is a book (and series) that is sure to please fans of “cozy” mysteries, and women readers generally.

The fashion columnist sleuth of the story is Lacy Smithsonian, who covers the Washington fashion beat for the local newspaper but longs for more challenging stories. She usually finds them, too, as she is becoming known as a “murder magnet” around the office. In this case, it’s the murder of a well-dressed Washington socialite she’s just interviewed, who is found dead right outside her night school classroom. (Lacey is taking classes to become a private investigator in the hope of improving her journalism skills and move herself into more serious reporting.)

When Cecily Ashton turns up dead in her Jaguar in the parking lot, not only do the instructors and students become prime suspects, there are a host of other possibilities as well. Ashton has an obnoxious ex-husband, a spurned love interest, and plenty of other people who might have reason to do her harm. Add to that a recent burglary and a missing vintage Louis Vuitton makeup case that once belonged to a famous movie star, and the leads point in all directions.

Leave it to Lacey and her Pink Collar Club girlfriends (the “armed and glamorous” of the title) to sort out the clues and bring down the killer. Readers will have great fun reading Lacey’s columns (sprinkled throughout the book) and trying to figure out who the real killer is among so many with motive.

This latest offering from mystery writer Ellen Byerrum is sure to result in more Lacey Smithsonian fans. Byerrum brings to her writing a great knack for spinning a story, whether it’s about fashion, human foibles, or the Washington scene. She combines that ability with an astute talent for laying a great trail of clues to make for an engaging mystery. Whether readers are fashion divas or hopelessly fashion challenged, there’s a lot to like about being “Armed and Glamorous.”

Click Here To Purchase Armed and Glamorous: A Crime of Fashion Mystery (Crime of Fashion Mysteries)