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Author: Mar Preston

Epub ebook ISBN: 978-0-9844952-4-5 0-9844952-4-X

Print edition ISBN: 978-0-9844952-3-8 0-984452-3-1

Kindle edition ISBN: 978-0-9844952-5-2 0-9844952-5-8

Mar Preston's novel Rip-Off is packed to the brim with action and suspense. Another Dave Mason novel, it has several threads of plots that are artfully interwoven to produce a drama about crime and the conflict and competition within the Santa Monica Police Department. In addition to solving a murder with few clues, Mason must deal with the quarrels within in his own team. To make matters worse he is saddled with a police officer who is a loose cannon with a volatile temper.

Every time Mason thinks he has a clue, new pieces of the puzzle appear that don't fit in but are too significant to be coincidences. There is a burglary in the same building, the Astoria condos where the wealthy live. The murder victim doesn't fit in with the apartment in which he's found, the same building in which there had been recent burglaries. Each step in solving the case takes him deeper in to the organized crime of the Chechen mob.

How is the building manager involved? How is wife, who's Chechen, involved? Then there's the FBI and Homeland Security who keep showing up at Mason's crime scenes and whisking away the evidence and the body. Mason's superiors are putting on the pressure to solve the case quickly to minimize the media coverage that could hurt the tourist trade.

Mason has the added pressure that he might lose his girlfriend who is thinking about taking a job in Chicago. He is afraid he is losing her.

Excerpt from the book: "Just when they thought the case had gone stale again, Delgado came into the office grinning with a tip he'd extracted from one of his guys on the street. He'd manipulated Puskar's girlfriend with a promise that he'd talk to the Assistant DA and request her charges be bumped down...

'I'm checking into what Puskar was paying his bills with.' Saker said, holding up the printout his charge card receipts. "He sure was spending it."

'Find out who he was hanging with the last few days,' Fredericks said unnecessarily.

'I look dumb to you, Fredericks?' Delgado said. He was putting together his file of stuff to take with him, heading out to an address in Lomita, a working-class suburb.

'Oh, please, don't give me an opportunity like that. I'm weak,' she returned.

'I was doing this when you were in middle school, little girl,' Delgado said, patting her on the head on his way to the door."

Mason must connect the dots to solve the case, but he doesn't have all the dots. When called to another murder scene, a Chechen woman found in a graveyard, the FBI and Homeland Security show up to take over the scene. Why? Insisting that the FBI inform him of the evidence of the murder, Mason gets little from them that he didn't already have. The victim was the sister of the wife of the building manager where Puskar's body was found. More clues that didn't fit together.

This is a book that will keep the reader turning the pages as Preston gradually twists the threads of the different plots into a rope that leads to the solving of the crimes.

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