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 Author: Emlyn Chand

 ISBN: 978-0983930822

 Publisher: Blue Crown Press.

Being born blind was not up to Alex Kosmitoras but a factor of his birth. Just wanting to live his life, go to school and stay under the radar he learns early on the many abuses kids take at the hands of others. Bullied at school by someone named Brady, a father that seems to resent him being alive and treats him like a stranger except when his mother is around, he finds himself stifled, unhappy, with no friends and living in a home where they are struggling just to make ends meet. Using his five senses to communicate and see the world heightening his awareness of what is around him. Alex is gifted and has the power of what many call second sight. Starting his sophomore year in high school proves to be no different than the previous ones. His books need to be specially ordered and some have not arrived placing him in the background and hoping to just sit in class unnoticed ignoring his teachers.

But, something happens that first day. A new student named Simmi arrives and then things begin to change for Alex. High school proves to be more than just a challenge for Alex as the school bully seems to have taken a special interest in him but with the help of his next door neighbor the psychic things might take a different if not unusual turn.

Alex learns more about his powers when a vision flashes into his mind and he sees Simmi in danger from a man named Dax. The vision is so real and he becomes more than just fearful for her life that he returns to Ms. Teak to understand his gift. As she defines his gift, explains Simmi’s gift as clairsentient or psychic feeler he learns more about her daughter Shapri and her gift too. Throughout the novel the author incorporates information related to many different types of psychic powers, how they inter relate in order to help Alex deal with his fears, overcome obstacles and finally use his powers of remote viewing.

Alex is what some call a psychometrist, someone with second sight. But, incidents happen that trigger his visions, his father becomes involved with Ms. Teak and leaves his mother as Alex once again alienates himself from his friends and withdraws into himself. Using the rune stones that Miss. Teak gave him and with Simmi’s help Alex hopes to learn how to use his gift to identify objects and hopefully save Simmi from the vision that foretells her death. Told in the first person in Alex’s voice the author allows readers to experience first hand his frustrations, how he handles many difficult situations including fighting back when pushed to the limit. As the narrator of the story Alex is smart, astute, quite vivid in his descriptions of what he senses and feels using his four other senses and working with Simmi and others to cultivate his gift. Being able to see the future but can he alter it?

Deciding to alienate himself from his friends was wrong as he shows Miss. Teak what he learned using the rune stones she gave him and begins to understand the two prophesies: “Those that will happen no matter what and those that can be prevented.”

At the beginning of each chapter the author allows the reader to gain some insight into Alex, what he is going through and what each chapter holds as she alludes to him as the traveler and explains his journey in short sentences before beginning each chapter. When his father returns and he learns the truth behind why he left and shares more than just a simple understanding or conversation with him, the reader will be surprised by what is revealed. Alex begins to accept his gifts and realizes that he has to decide whether he will “use his powers as a means to protect others or to subordinate them.” This is a journey that only he can make and the end result might create more problems and obstacles before all is said and done. Enlisting the help of Miss Teak, Simmi, his father and Shapri in different ways he hopes to ward off what his visions and nightmares present him.

Trying to come up with a common thread for his visions and nightmares he lists them for the reader but cannot come up with any commonalities at all except that he is involved. Sometimes what appears to be is an “illusion and misperception,” as Alex will learn in more ways than one. When Miss Teak, Shapri, Simmi and Alex go after Dax why do they believe that he is really not the villain?  What powers does Dax have that others are easily drawn into his web of lies and deceit? Simmi and Alex will they have a future? Visions that tell him what impending dangers will happen in the future but can he stop what is about to happen from happening? Unanswered questions that can only be answered if you read Part 2 of the Farsighted series: Open Heart. This is a great book that brings to light trust, faith, and bullying and normal teen relationships. This is a great YA book.


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