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Author: Jennifer Eyre White

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing, LLC

ISBN: 978-1-4494-0308-9

An engineer, writer, and mother of three, Jennifer Eyre White has been sharing snippets of her own life with readers on her popular blog and as a columnist for

White is known for entertaining her readers using a blend of honesty and comedy on what life is really like raising three kids, balancing work and home, and married life. In her newest work, The Practical Napper, she gives the reader 153 humor filled pages of material on all things nap related. Topics include when to nap, when not to nap, how napping could help save the planet, and the finer points on how to defend nap time. Drawing upon her personal experiences with sleep deprivation as a student, mother, and employee, the author gives the reader not only permission but also a whole host of excuses to indulge in daylight slumber. The book is an easy and enjoyable read and a great go-to defense guide when one’s napping habits come under attack by the avidly vertical people in our lives.

Covering every possible scenario that justifies nap time, the author stays true to the books promise of delivering tips, facts, and quotes. Using examples of political foibles and historical blunders committed by sleep deprived persons to anchor the book in reality; the author shows the reader the silly but serious consequences of sleep deprivation on the mind and body. For those having trouble getting their daylight zzz’s, White offers up suggestions on how to invite Mr. Sandman to pay a visit. While some of the suggestions may be illegal in a few states, they are tried and true tips and tricks. Just be careful no one catches you doing them.

With scientific data interwoven in the text and a list of resources at the end of the book, the reader is reassured that the author has in fact done her homework and is not just espousing her own personal points of view. Her use of comedy to impart these scientific facts reinforces this reviewer’s belief that the author does indeed have a gift for making the mundane not only interesting but funny.

The Practical Napper is available in electronic (as well as hard) copy making it perfect for those who find themselves in need of justifying nap time on the fly. No doubt this author’s insights into the practical and comical aspects of nap time will delight and entertain both the I-never-nap vertical types and the I’m-just-resting-my-eyes recumbent.

Follow Here To Purchase The Practical Napper: Tips, Facts, and Quotes for the Avidly Recumbent