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Author: Andreas Dudàs

English Version Translated By: Mayanne Wright and Christina Warren

ISBN: 978-3-033-03255-2

Seldom have I ever come across a personal enlightenment book that has so effectively used the allegory format with such powerful insights as Swiss author Andreas Dudàs' Do You Dare To Be Yourself? Developing Power in Life and Leadership Through Authenticity.

Dudàs is an international entrepreneur, project manager, life coach and founder and owner of the BE SHIRO group, which consists of various companies in Europe and Asia promoting the development of sustainable energy in emerging markets, and empowering individuals to live authentically and gain real power in life and leadership.

Taking pages from his own real experiences and using a masterful storytelling technique, Dudas commences each chapter with a captivating quote that generally summarizes the principle he wishes to enunciate. The chapters then unfold with engaging episodes that focus on the behavior of a polar bear, Robin and his life coach, Alva, an eagle which effectively flesh out complex ideas and concepts in a digestible concrete way illustrating what real leaders do, or don't do. In each of these short stories Dudas challenges his readers to take on the role of Robin and ask him or her, “What would I do?” As a result, readers are forced to evaluate their own character.

It is to be further noted that the actions or mistakes of the polar bear are also dissected to emphasize the underlying lessons. For example, in one instance we read where Robin is lured into taking a position with a management consulting company that insists that he adhere to their practices and refrain from using any of his own creativity and ingenuity.

Dudàs fills his book with quite an array of compelling themes spread over ten sections as finding yourself a life coach, understanding the lessons in grief, leaving friends behind, the power of solitude, the power of intuition, not giving into conformity, standing your ground, letting go, trust, facing death, getting back on track, the power of silence, avoid beating around the bush, turning failures into opportunities, standing your ground, forming healthy relationships, the power of imagination, avoiding been manipulated and many more. The result of these sweeping perspectives is an awesome inspiring work that helps the reader understand what it really takes to attain real power, stability, self-confidence, integrity, and basically what you want out of life.

The clever choice of the polar bear as the principal narrator is based on the fact that this is an animal that has thick fur which has given it the inner strength to cope with the trials and tribulations of everyday life. In addition, not only is it protected from the harsh cold, but it also helped it build emotional strength, live authentically, and move toward self-fulfillment.

Reading Do You Dare To Be Yourself and savoring its sage advice, we notice that the journey to developing character and vision is not straightforward for it is often filled with many potholes, disappointments, detours and dead ends. However, if we follow the old adage, “Be Yourself” and stay true to our own values, even though they may not conform or coincide with society's ideas, we will achieve true authenticity.

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