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Author: Danika Dinsmore

Publisher: en theos press

ISBN: 978-0-9754042-9-4

Brigitta of the White Forest is a lovely story, a classic tale of an unlikely heroine who is forced to be brave and do things she can’t imagine being able to do, to save those she loves. The lucky readers who discover this book will be delighted to learn that it is Book One in the Faerie Tales from the White Forest series.

Brigitta, this unlikely heroine, is a young and restless water faerie looking for something to interest and focus her. She is trying to find her place in a world where, it seems, everyone else knows what their place is, except for her. She is teased and made fun of by ‘cool’ faeries because of her immature wings and because the only thing she is good at is daydreaming. Brigitta is also saddled with her younger sister, Himalette, who like younger sisters everywhere is annoying, whining, gets into things she shouldn’t, and doesn’t listen to her big sister. Frustration abounds for Brigitta.

Their White Forest home is broken into realms - Earth Realm to the north, Air Realm to the east, Fire Realm to the south, and Water Realm to the west - and is protected by the Great Hourglass of Protection.

According to Brigitta’s Auntie Fernatta, a Chronicler of faerie lore and history, “Ever since the Great World Cry … the world outside the White Forest, has been in complete elemental chaos … There exist dangerous beasts with hideous hearts and haphazard magic … This is why we must set the Hourglass of Protection just right every season-cycle, so that our forest remains protected.”

While Brigitta and her sister are off getting into mischief (well, Himalette gets into the mischief because she doesn’t listen to Brigitta), everyone they know and love is being turned to stone, including their mother and father and Auntie Fernatta. All the beasts of the forest are turned to stone, too. Brigitta and Himalette are the only two left unchanged.

Soon, Brigitta realizes that what has saved her and Himalette from the others’ fate was being turned blue by a sprite that Himalette was supposed to leave alone. This ‘Blue Spell’ is powerful and only used in extreme circumstances. Brigitta also learns that they have to get the help from Hrathgar of Bobbercurxy, on Dead Mountain, a faerie who once attempted to steal the power from the Hourglass.

Author Danika Dinsmore has worked with children for more than 20 years. She created the Seattle Poetry Festival’s Emerging Voice spoken word program for teens, and has taught Creative Writing for Children. She quickly sets the scene in Brigitta of the White Forest, which is understandable. In addition to being a novelist, she is also a poet and filmmaker. In Brigitta, she has created a character that is instantly recognizable, someone to cheer for from the start. The novel is well-written and moves quickly – like a faerie in flight.

When Himalette asks her big sister, “Briggy, what happens when the Hourglass runs out?” you can’t wait to read on to find out the answer.

Follow Here To Purchase Brigitta of the White Forest (Faerie Tales from the White Forest Book One)