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Author: Norb Vonnegut

Publisher: Minotaur Books

ISBN: 978-1-250-00389-8

Although a distant cousin to the famous author Kurt Vonnegut, Norb Vonnegut easily holds his own when writing financial thrillers such as his third published book titled, The Trust.

This three hundred and six page hardbound book has a photograph of a lone male silhouette standing on a South Carolina wealthy estate porch during twilight with bright golden wording on the front jacket and reviews of his three books on the back. The inside jacket flap explains the story and has a biography and photograph of the author. No grammatical or typographical errors were noticed except for a few debatable capitalization issues. There is some profanity and sexual innuendos that may not be suitable for readers age thirteen and under.

In this fast paced, sometimes sarcastic novel, Grove O’Rourke is a young, seasoned, aggressive Wall Street broker who crosses his t’s and knows the rules of the game to not only succeed in business but to think methodically and outside the box when it comes to handling money – especially when that money is to the tune of over two hundred million dollars. When O’Rourke’s mentor and top client, South Carolina’s well-known philanthropist Palmer Kincaid is found dead, washed ashore from his yacht, O’Rourke is asked to become the interim head of Palmer’s organization. With the help of Palmer’s young and sometimes naive daughter along with Palmer’s young gold-digger wife, JoJo, Grove is immediately thrust into donation decisions he knows nothing about and has little time to research. When twenty-five million dollars are authorized to the Catholic Fund, Grove starts to question the money trail, leading him to Father Ricardo and the foundation’s connection to a new sex superstore in North Carolina that lawyer Biscuit Hughes is trying vehemently to shut down.

Without giving away the twists and turns of the story’s ending involving international cities and the FBI, it is Grove who must come to terms with his own physical and play-by-the rules business inadequacies and scruples to get to the truth about the real foundation’s plans and donations.

The creative and interesting narrative is delivered in first person whenever from Grove’s perspective and reverts back to story-tale writing from all others' viewpoint, making the reader look forward to the next chapter’s format. Several times the reader has to stop, reread and enjoy the hidden, dark, sometimes sardonic and cutting wording that pinpoints exactly the mood of the scene. Vonnegut does a wonderful, detailed job keeping the story popping, the dialogue entertaining and the complicated topics of trusts, philanthropy and Wall Street enlightening.

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