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Author: Kevin Stokes

ISBN: 13-9780615584393

This novel is a riveting page turner and thoroughly enjoyable. It deals with the mind set and the heroic determination and efforts of a man wronged by big players of today’s world.

Upon persuasion from his younger wife just when Kenny Charles decides to start a family, he finds himself laid off from a company where he has put in twenty long years of performance. Fortunately he has been a savvy investor and has hit upon an ingenious stock picking method that perhaps the non performing fund managers could learn from. He settles in to a leisurely routine of indulging in food, music and love.

He is mistaken for someone else at the hospital where he has gone for getting his vasectomy reversed. There apart from his vasectomy he also gets worked upon for something else and the life that he has known thus far changes fundamentally. In his quest to find out what has been done to him and of finding its cure he stumbles upon activities of a pharmaceutical company, activities so sinister that would shake up conscience of a dead man, but not of its chief and his wife. With characteristic ruthlessness they push forward with their plans, seducing and eliminating the obstacles. Kenny has to run for his life but finds friends and the big agency steps in as his saviour, or so he thinks, initially. And then the truth unfolds.

Kevin Stokes masterfully captures his readers emotions and makes them experience shock, grief, sympathy, disgust and glimmer of hope and joy. The novel also makes one reflect on one’s preparedness to meet unexpected but ubiquitous financial crisis, love for spouse and responsibilities as a world citizen.

And yes, the novel perhaps has enough pointers for the research team of the recently launched and hugely popular TV serial in India- Satya Mev Jayate by Amir Khan that has very effectively managed to shake up the Indian conscience. But is Amir Khan listening?


Kevin Stokes was raised in Brooklyn while spending summers by the shores of Rockaway. He has worked steadily, for the past thirty years, at the same company as a technician, manager and analyst. He is now living in Rockaway with his wife Kathleen, their children and their dog. He continues to work, write novels and play guitar in a local rock band.

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