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Author: Melanie Dobson

Publisher: Summerside Press

ISBN: 978-1-60936-640-7

Author of ten novels, Melanie Dobson has written her fifth historical fiction in the series book titled, Love Finds You in Mackinac Island, Michigan, which is part of a fifty-two book historical American series by multiple authors.

This paperback novel depicts a young lady dressed in the late eighteen hundred’s apparel walking the shoreline on the front jacket and paragraphs about the book and author with a photograph of the island on the back. Inside is a short description of the actual island along with an author biography, a list of other books in the series and map of novel-based locations. There were no typographical or grammatical errors. With no profanity or explicit sex scenes, the book can be read by young adult and older.

Mackinac Island in Michigan was and still is a summer resort area for the wealthy or those wanting to escape city life. With no automobiles, it is still full of scenic roads and trails with even the historic Grand Hotel in current-day operation. Dobson immediately captures the fresh air, lilac breezes and starry night feeling in her writing.

The book is a delightful, young romantic love story of unknown, misunderstood and wholesome relationships played out on a Michigan island over a hundred years ago. Nineteen year old Elena and her well-to-do parents spend one last summer at their island cottage before the father’s factory goes under and the bank closes their home. Her mother is determined to marry the independent Elena to the rich Darrington son to save the family fortune. Without ever meeting beautiful Elena, Chester Darrington learns about the matrimonial scheme and firmly wants nothing to do with her.

Since Elena is a wanderer, artist and woman who dreams to marry for love not money, she is torn at her parents’ request to marry. Her secret abandoned lighthouse nearby is her shelter where she talks to God and can be herself. Unknowing to both Elena and Chester, they meet by accident at the lighthouse under pretenses about their names, background and social status and fall genuinely in love.

An undercurrent to the story is the prior tenants of the lighthouse and that family’s despair when the father goes missing after the British take over the island and demand allegiance in the early eighteen hundreds. Both Elena and Chester are bonded by the love of the past couple and the lighthouse itself but see their supposed marked social and cultural differences from what they both really are.

Dobson does an excellent job keeping the reader informed and engaged, yet yearning to know what happens next to the two lovers and how they overcome their own inadequacies, misunderstandings and heartbreaks. Kudos to the writer for making the ambiance, mood and enriched characters with so much depth and detail that the reader feels she is walking the paths on Mackinac Island way back in the nineteenth century too.

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