Author: Rivky Koenig
Publisher:Artscroll/Shaar Press
ISBN: 1-42260-817-4

I found Rivky Koenig’s book, Crafting Jewish: Fun holiday crafts and party ideas for the whole family, to be user friendly towards gentiles who are not familiar with the Jewish holidays and holy days, yet who are always appreciative of a good craft book.  The chapters are divided up by each holy day with crafts and meals appropriate for each.

I appreciate the quick overview of how to prepare a kosher meal since that is something I’ve only know the briefest of information about, much less the complexities of preparing such a meal. Not to mention what each holy day is a celebration of and how it is celebrated. Koenig also added a “For Every Day” chapter of projects that “are perfect for those times when you want to make something special for no special reason.” In here there are clipboards, picture frames, pillows and various easy to make for all ages crafts.

Koenig was able to overcome the intimidation factor that happens so often when perusing books of unfamiliar topics. The directions for both the crafts and the meals are direct with easily digestible steps and not to mention wonderful photography by Jennifer Levy. I personally am a big fan of illustrations to accompany craft and cooking directions. I find that if I get lost in the directions, I can always look at the photo and find my way to accomplishing the task.