Author: The Grabarchuk Family

Publisher: Grabarchuk Puzzles

ASIN: B008B106RW

Enjoy thinking laterally? Then Puzzlebook: 100 Matchstick Puzzles might be just the right book for you! As the Grabarchuk Family states in their introduction to this neat ebook, matchstick puzzles have been around for a very long time―centuries, in fact! However, the authors have rendered such puzzles in a totally new format, by transforming them into a game that is playable on all the different versions of Kindle, including its apps.

In addition to allowing you to visualize the answer in each case, you might choose to play the game using any small, straight objects, such as toothpicks or pencils (apart from the more obvious matchsticks, of course!). Puzzlebook: 100 Matchstick Puzzles should appeal to all ages and levels of expertise, from novice through to experienced player. The puzzles are all clearly graded and carefully organised so that, by merely clicking on one of the named icons that form part of the introduction to this book, you can immediately go to the puzzle of your choice. And you stand little chance of getting stuck, as a hint is provided with each puzzle, showing how you can set about solving it. All solutions are also only a click away.

For math teachers, this ebook promises to be a little gem, as it approaches many conventional geometrical shapes in fascinating and original ways. Among the shapes covered are squares, rectangles, triangles, cubes, quadrangles, octagons and hexagons. What I loved about this collection was the different shapes, in addition to the above, that can be formed from such simple objects. For the animal lover, there is an entire menagerie, including ducks, snakes, rabbits, snails, hedgehogs, little fish, marabou birds, butterflies, cats, and dogs. Everyday objects abound: irons, envelopes, glasses, and jars. Then there are the objects related to the outdoors: hills, trees, shovels, turnpikes, fences, and wigwams. The variation is sufficiently vast to stir any imagination. Both your creative and lateral thinking processes are likely to be stimulated and encouraged by this novel and intriguing collection.

As usual, I played the puzzles on Kindle app for Windows, as I tend to work at my computer all day, and find doing them a welcome relief from the routine tasks that an editor and indexer has to perform on a daily basis. (Remember when there were only card games to play online? Well, no more…!) Once again, the international appeal of the Grabarchuk Family’s output is unquestionable. No matter your culture or background, you are likely to find that Puzzlebook: 100 Matchstick Puzzles appeals to you. Why don’t you give it a try?

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