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Author: Brian Tracy
ISBN:  13: 978-0-8144-1346-3
ISBN:  10: 0-8144-1346-3
PUBLISHER:  AMACOM- American Management Association

Reinvention, How to Make the Rest of Your Life The Best of Your Life, by Brian Tracy, is an excellent guidebook for anyone seeking a fresh start, personal fulfillment and ongoing professional success.  Brian Tracy is an internationally known motivator and the best-selling author of over 40 books, including Maximum Achievement, Advanced Selling Strategies, The Power of Charm, Create Your Own Future, Focal Point and Eat That Frog.

Tracy begins by saying that the highest paid, most important work you will do is strategic thinking. All truly successful, happy people are good thinkers who carefully consider the likely consequences of a particular course of action.  He gives a detailed account of his seven thinking strategies for the Twenty-First Century, including, reevaluating, rethinking, restructuring, reengineering, reinventing and regaining control. 

Self-awareness and clarity about what you want to do with your life is addressed in Chapter 3, giving the reader a dynamic 7-step formula for achieving goals, complete with exercises and a definitive plan of action.   Writing down your goals is imperative, says the author, reiterating throughout that writing clarifies the thinking process.  

Tracy engages the reader with talk of his own metamorphosis and how the revelation that he was responsible for what happened to him changed his life.  His reinvention process of discovering and studying topics, such as business, psychology and personal success before proceeding to the next level sets a superb example for the reader.   

All the chapters are enlightening, but particularly Chapter 5, How to Get the Job you Want- In Any Economy, illustrates the importance of pursuing a self-promotional attitude, even though you may work for a private company or large corporation.  Tracy says, “one of the biggest mistakes we make is to think we work for anyone but ourselves.” “You are always self-employed.”  This is both practical and helpful information, as today’s job market often favors the employer over the employee.

Brian Tracy writes with clarity, wisdom and aplomb. Reinvention is well-written, well-organized and thoughtful, with easy to follow questions for reflection at the end of each chapter. But it’s one thing to read self-help for pleasure and another with profit in mind. The reader must become proactive by employing the exercises, taking full advantage of this author’s personal and professional experiences.   Tracy doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to telling the reader that you have to work hard at becoming successful.

His remarks on strategic thinking are revolutionary, and should be taken seriously.  Most books of this nature don’t approach the thinking process the way Tracy does, which I believe, accounts for his lifelong achievements.  One of the things I most admire about Tracy is his ability to think before he acts, allowing ample time for the all-consuming “leg” work generally associated with long- term success. Additionally, his commenting on how you’re ultimately responsible for what happens in your life is enormously beneficial, as it’s all too easy to blame others for our failures and shortcomings. I hope readers take advantage of someone who’s not only a self-help pioneer but one who continues to empower.  “There are no limits to what you can accomplish, except for the ones you put on yourself,” Tracy says.


Click Here To Purchase Reinvention: How to Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life