Editor: Frank Joseph

ISBN: 978-1-60163-204-3

ISBN: 978-1-60163-614-0 (ebook)

In The Lost World of Ancient America, Frank Joseph put together forty-five articles previously published in magazines and journals about ancient Americans and their possible origins. These articles offer evidence that the earliest settlers in America may not have migrated across the Bering Strait.

Some of the articles directly challenge the "Bering Strait" theory and others offer thought-provoking evidence showing that it is entirely possible that the first Americans may not have come from Asia; that they may have come from other parts of the world arriving by sea. There has long been evidence that Columbus was not the first European to cross the Atlantic. Even back in the 1950's at least one history book put forth the possibility that Leif Erikson had landed in America. (This I know because I read it in the history book I studied as a child.)

Archeological evidence was found L'Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland to verify that the Vikings did indeed have a settlement in America. But even they weren't the first. The articles collected into this anthology give physical evidence America was settled by sea: Europeans and Near Eastern peoples may have immigrated to North and South America's eastern coasts by sea and Asians may have come to the west coasts of both North and South America.

In addition to the physical evidence, a more compelling technology is being applied to the unraveling of this mystery--DNA. Mitochrondian DNA is being studied, not only from living Native Americans but from burial sites. Of particular interest to scientists are DNA samples taken from skeletal remains with European characteristics.

Another aspect that is being studied is Native American legends and oral histories with the ideas that those legends began somewhere with some elements of truth.

This collection of articles is a treasure trove of information that makes a compelling case for the possibilities of immigration to America back into the shadowy prehistory of America making it a melting pot long before the Statue of Liberty was ever dreamed of.

In the Foreword by John DeSalvo, PhD, he calls Frank Joseph a "pioneer who researched prehistory for decades. His publications and expertise qualify him as the perfect editor for such an eclectic anthology....The Lost World of Ancient Americas offers...a new way of seeing the history of (America)."

Frank Joseph's Introduction begins, "When publisher Wayne May asked me to edit a new magazine (Ancient American) he wanted to release in summer 1993, our chief purpose was to challenge a predominate dogma we knew was false. Until then, the belief that America has been hermetically sealed off from the rest of the outside world before the arrival of  Christopher Columbus went unquestioned throughout our country's public information and educational systems. Scattered groups and societies of a few, mostly amateur scholars, collected what evidence they could to the contrary."

The Lost Worlds of Ancient America is a compilation of articles in that magazine and others that shows significant reason that the writers of those articles have found to be proof that America was visited over thousands of years to populate the vast reaches of two continents.

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