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Author: Jerry B. Jenkins, Author

Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers

ISBN: 978-1-4343-0909-5

Jerry B. Jenkins, author of
The Breakthrough, has penned over 175 books. (2012, back outside cover) He generally makes the New York Times bestseller list with his books. Mr. Jenkins resides in Colorado Springs, CO with his wife Dianna. 

This books’ main character is a Christian man by the name of Boone. Boone has had his share of tragedy, but is on the up and up since making Chief at the youngest age ever to achieve such status in Chicago’s history. He wears his religion on his sleeve and believes that it makes him a better man for doing so. Much of the story line includes numerous talks with friends and associates about how religion has helped him through his points of turmoil, both then and now. Boone gets daily bible quotes from his pastor that he looks forward to and sometimes is challenged to make sense of in how his life is currently unfolding.

Boones’ first wife and child were taken from him and he regrets that in the back of his mind always. He has, however, been granted a second chance at love with his new wife, Haley, and her son whom he adopts when they marry, named Max. Often Boone muses whether this good feeling and good life can continue or if there is something dark and ugly awaiting him around the next curve.

When Haley takes a terrible fall and is hospitalized under drug induced coma Boone and his faith are again tested. Their son Max gets kidnapped by an unethical child trafficking clan that networks with wealthy families in China to secure adoptions for blonde American boys. Boy children are a very hot commodity in that region, especially blonde ones, where young girl children are regularly aborted before birth. This child trafficking clan sells these male children a million dollars per child and has managed to live under the detection of American law enforcement agencies for quite some time now while producing tidy profits for the owners and participants of this venture.

There is a lot of praying. And a lot of praise for family and all that family entails, whether parents and families are here in America or located abroad. Family and religion appear to be the most prominent themes for this work.

Mr. Jenkins , in The Breakthrough, managed to weave a credible tale about the inner working of detectives and police officials in Chicago and elsewhere by showing how they are much like the motto of the ‘Three Musketeers’ “One for all and all for one.”. When one of their’ own is having some serious problems they all come together to help resolve what is amiss in the timeliest fashion possible. And no I’m not going to give anything away there.

While I am not at all religious I found the story compelling and the characters likeable enough. If you are a religious sort this is a must read and a regular page turner. Enjoy!

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