Author: Bill Ferguson
Publisher: Return to the Heart
ISBN: 1-878410-41-5

Unveiling the Power of the Self

Have you ever felt that Life is a drag, that everything is in place to torture and suck out of you all that is alive? That moments of joyful gladness are too few and far between to warrant the kind of suffering and hurt that most of us have to live with? That the idea of consciousness as a valuable gift from the Creator was a myth created by misguided and credulous souls whose intelligence is questionable? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should find this handbook on how to get your power back, a valuable addition to your bookshelf or computer. Skillfully written, with simple, easy to follow directives, it unveils profound wisdom that can be used to engineer drastic shifts in consciousness in a relatively short period of time.

This book is based on the well known premise that it is we who are ultimately responsible for creating our reality, and therefore, can be instrumental in changing it. This can be done by making a judicious choice of deciding to be either the “cause” or the “effect” of a given situation. When we choose to be the latter (effect), we are at the mercy of the aforesaid situation. Many times, in this so-called “victim” mode, we also resist the situation, making everything even worse for ourselves (There is a saying, “what we resist, persists”). On the other hand, if we choose to see ourselves as the “cause” of the very same situation, we can take steps to change it and thus redeem our power.

Most of us understand these concepts intellectually. It is at the emotional level that most of the psychic work needs to be done. A good many of our actions are based on decisions that are triggered by childhood memories of hurt, criticism or abandonment. These memories act as computer viruses do, they hamper and sabotage us in our efforts to make something of our lives. They are memories that we don’t even know that we possess. In this book, Bill Ferguson presents a thorough, step-by-step process for finding these destructive memory viruses and deactivating them, so that the true power of the Self can be revealed. This process is self-generating, and, on fruition, leads to a state of mind, where miracles are not the exception but the norm.

The author has worked with thousands of participants in the seminars he has led, both in the USA and abroad. This book bears the stamp of that experience, the plethora of exercises given appear exhaustive and applicable to a wide range of situations.

All in all, this book is a good and well written handbook to empowering ourselves. Give it a try, it just might help you get back your zest for life.

Strongly recommended to all readers of

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